24 Dec 2012



George Pell, has used his traditional Christmas message to apologise for the crimes of Christian officials, priests and teachers, declaring he feels the community's "shock and shame" at revelations of wrongdoing.

I wonder, why he didn't use the word 'Catholic' instead of christian when referring to officials, priests and teachers.

Obviously he can't bring himself to openly admit that the Catholic church and its hierarchy is largely at fault for the cover ups that have occurred in relation to this shameful affair.

We all know other faiths have been involved, but the majority are from his church, the Catholic church,

George Pell is using politician speak, and I'm afraid I can't accept that he is facing the truth!

Cardinal: George Pell

20 Dec 2012

Clever, Abolish Climate Change Department and climate change will go away?


The Coalition has struck on a great idea of how to solve the climate change problem, how you may well ask, well I think their idea is very sophisticated.

 Yes this is a pretty smart, the idea is, if there is no one to monitor or keep us informed about the subject it will no longer exist.

This is clever indeed, I wonder what other problems they might solve by using this method.

Let's see now:

Treasury...that way they wouldn't have to worry about surplices, deficits or black holes.
Immigration..No refugee numbers would be released, therefore no more boat people.
Environmental Protection...No information would mean that problems gone.
The list could be much longer, is this the evolution of government to the Coalition way.

Now this idea is fiendishly clever, they are at present being accused of being negative, well what do you know. Abolishing departments will show that they can be positive and decisive, a bold move that shows initiative.


19 Dec 2012


Dumb dummies:

Italian trio held over shop break-in

Rome guardian.co.uk, 
A group of Romans who broke into a designer clothes shop at the weekend have proved themselves to be possibly the world's worst thieves after being caught pretending to be clothes mannequins.
The three men – aged 55, 70 and 78 – allegedly broke into the Rome store on Piazza Fiume through a rear window at 4am on Sunday and set about loading designer clothes and bags worth around €100,000 (£81,000) into large sacks.
According to Italian press reports, the trio are veterans of scores of shop break-ins stretching back decades and are well known to police. They were equipped with a blow torch, crow bar and skeleton keys.
But their noisy entrance to the store woke a neighbour who alerted police. A patrol quickly surrounded the store and entered to find the half filled sacks inside but no thieves.
A careful search turned up the two older suspects – named as Tommaso, 78, and Vittorio, 70 – standing stock still in a display, trying to pass themselves off as shop dummies. (Have you ever seen  dummies this old! )
They were dressed in jacket and tie, the two men were almost elegant enough to pass for the mannequins they stood alongside(The age may have been a give away), but their trembling gave them away to officers who promptly arrested them, a police spokeswoman said.

The other man who apparently didn't have the same imagination , Lucianoi, 55, was apparently found hiding elsewhere in the store.(Maybe he was just too dam ugly?)

The older pair are said to have the blamed the youngster for their capture.


18 Dec 2012

TEACHERS WITH GUNS? What an idiot!

Outspoken: Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt, pictured in April, said gun control advocates have blood on their hands
Gun Owners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt, said gun control advocates have blood on their hands.
I did not make up the story

Pro-weapons group says 'gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands' and that tragedy 'could have been prevented' if Sandy Hook teachers were allowed to carry guns
  • Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt said directly after shooting that gun control supporters 'have the blood of little children on their hands'
  • Said today that things may have gone differently if teachers at Sandy Hook had guns on them
The advocacy group Gun Owners of America has responded to the mass shooting in Connecticut in their own fashion – by saying that gun control supporters ‘have the blood of little children on their hands.’

The organization’s executive director, Larry Pratt, said in a statement immediately following the horrific December 14 shootings in Newtown, that ‘blood is on the hands of members of Congress and the Connecticut legislators who voted to ban guns from all schools in Connecticut.’

The pro-gun lobbyist said today claimed that if the teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary had guns, the whole tragedy could be prevented.

He said in a statement immediately following the shootings that Congress has blood on their hands.

He said ‘The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun.’

And speaking today Pratt said: ‘Nothing is 100 percent, but if teachers, janitors, and principals were able to defend themselves with guns,’ the children of Newtown ‘might have had a chance.’

He stated: ‘It would serve you better than sitting like fish in a barrel.’




A 999 call and the credit card scam that cost thousands: How an utterly plausible con-trick left John Andrews £7,000 poorer  and feeling a total mug

We feel so stupid: how could my wife and I have been conned out of more than £7,000 by one phone conversation? The answer is that the scam was brilliant in design and execution.

It began with a phone call after dinner on a  Friday night. My wife answered the phone and the caller announced herself as ‘DCI Jane Seymour of the Serious Fraud Office’. 
The inspector was polite and matter of fact. She asked my wife if she had been in the Apple Store on Regent Street that day or the one in Covent Garden? My wife replied that she hadn’t. 
But DCI Seymour reported that someone had bought expensive items from these stores using my wife’s debit card — and the transactions had been within four minutes of each other.
Anyone who knows central London knows it is almost impossible to get from Regent Street to Covent Garden in such a short time — something was definitely amiss.
The inspector then broke the news that someone had cloned my wife’s card and was using it to make major purchases. Panicked  by this information, my wife called me over to the phone and asked me to speak to  DCI Seymour. 
The inspector explained that the Serious Fraud Office had been monitoring Apple Stores, conscious that the launch of the latest iPhone would make it a target for criminals.
‘Do you have all your cards with you?’ she asked. Yes. ‘Are you sure?’ Yes.
In the background I could hear hubbub that made me think of TV’s The Bill or Prime Suspect: the faint sound of people chatting, the sense that DCI Seymour was at one desk and other detectives were hard at work on the case, too. 
Having established that neither my wife nor I had been to the Apple Store, she asked if I had noticed any strange transactions on my cards. No, I replied. 

‘But we’re worried,’ said the inspector. ‘We think all your cards have been compromised. It may be that someone has hacked into the National Database. We need to block all the cards now.’
Inwardly, I shivered. Does this mean identity theft? ‘Yes, it could be. You’ll need to take part in a police investigation later. But we need to block your cards first.’ 
Immediately, I was suspicious. Why would she want all our cards? Was DCI Seymour who she said she was? How could we know she was really working for the Serious Fraud Office?
Her ANSWER turned us from cautious sceptics into credulous fools. ‘Call 999 and check me out,’ she urged. So we did. I put the phone down, picked it up again and dialled 999. The dialling tone was normal, the phone rang and the response was as prompt and efficient as a law-abiding citizen could wish for. 
Which service did I want? The police. I’ll put you through. When a constable picked up the phone, I asked: ‘Do you have a DCI Jane Seymour of the Serious Fraud Squad?’
‘Yes, I’ll connect you.’ DCI Seymour picked up the phone — her identity verified. In fishing parlance, we were hooked — and were about to be sunk. 
‘We can have your cards blocked immediately,’ said DCI Seymour to reassure us. ‘New cards can be delivered to your house in three working days, or five for the foreign cards. But first we’ll need your PIN numbers.’ That should, of course, have rung alarm bells. 
How many times have we all been told, ‘Never, never give your PIN number to anyone. Your bank will never ask for it’? We hesitated — and this is where DCI Seymour scored again. ‘Don’t tell me the codes,’ she said. ‘Tap them into the phone and they will be sent straight to our technical team.’ 
And so, stupidly, but trusting that the digital wizardry was in our interest, we did. And, as we later discovered, using specialist technology, she recorded the numbers.

By this time, we had been on the phone for at least an hour, in a state of shock and growing despair over the hassles that apparently came with ID theft. 
DCI Seymour kept reassuring us that all would be well. ‘Are you OK? Do you have enough money for the weekend? We can get you emergency funds of £300 delivered to you by 3pm tomorrow. We’ll debit it from your HSBC account and I’ll call you again tomorrow at noon.’
It was all so comforting. Her  manner was solicitous, reassuring and practical. When I asked my wife to pour me a glass of wine, DCI Seymour heard me on the other end of the phone. She laughed and said she could do with one, too — but not on duty. 

Almost as if we had been hypnotised, we did as we were told. ‘The driver’s on his way. He’ll be with you shortly.’ 
And when she said she would send a courier round to pick up our compromised cards, it seemed so reasonable. ‘Put them in a sealed envelope inside another envelope, and don’t tell the driver what it’s for. We’ll contact him ourselves.’ 
He was and, within minutes, as we later discovered, our accounts were being plundered, mostly, it seems, by withdrawals from ATM machines at Euston station.

 Meanwhile, DCI Seymour kept me on the line, supposedly keeping us abreast of the activities of the criminals who had cloned our cards. 
‘There’s been a withdrawal in South London. Someone’s at Euston. We’re watching the CCTV. There’s another withdrawal . . .’
On and on it went, as my wife and I became increasingly tired and desperate, but DCI Seymour kept us hanging on, saying: ‘Don’t put the phone down. Stay on the line.’
I realise now, of course, that this was to stop us ringing the banks of our own accord. At around  midnight, my wife collapsed into bed, but DCI Seymour kept me on the phone until 1.30am. 
I had been speaking to her for two-and-a-half hours. To say we slept badly is an understatement. We tossed and turned, fretting about the money being siphoned out of our accounts. 

'Hypnotised': The couple did everything 'DCI Seymour' asked of them after they were taken in by the con.

Breakfast and the cold light of day brought me to my senses. ‘Perhaps, I should call 999 again, just to check,’ I thought.
The operator who answered was annoyed. She told me my case was not an emergency and I should dial 101 for my local police service. With mounting anxiety, I explained that I had dialled 999 the night before and that my call had been put through to an officer. 

‘We have no record of a call,’ she said. ‘Ah, hang on a moment. I’ll talk to a colleague.’
And then, with the help of bona fide officers, the truth about the scam was revealed. 

It all hinged on a clever technical trick. Quite simply, if you put the phone down, but the other party does not, they stay on the line. 
Even if you dial a new number, you remain connected to the original caller. So when I dialled 999, it went back to ‘DCI Jane Seymour’. She must have had an accomplice posing as the emergency services operator and, as easy as that, we fell into their trap. 

We lost around £7,000 of our savings.
The police — the real police — have been sympathetic and tell us that the con is targeted at the well-to-do and the elderly who may not be as techno-savvy as younger account holders. Mercifully, most of the money has since been credited back to us. The banks conceded we were victims of an understandable gullibility. 

Naturally, my wife and I feel embarrassed and a little sheepish at having been fooled so easily.
In our defence, I can only say that the woman who played ‘DCI Jane Seymour’ was a brilliant actress and this particular bit of financial con-artistry was new to us. 
We are lucky the damage done wasn’t permanent and that most of the money has been returned. Others may not be so lucky. 
I may feel shame-faced about  having been so easily deceived, but let my gullibility be a very modern cautionary tale to others.


When journalists have time on their hands and nothing to write about, what do they do, create a story about leadership challenges because of a T-shirt. and the Telegraph has done it again with this so called story.

Rudd tees up more leadership drama

IF you thought Kevin '07 had died and gone to heaven prepare for the second coming.
In a move that will infuriate the Gillard camp, the former PM is launching a new charm offensive that is set to fuel speculation he is still touting for the top job.
Mr Rudd will today announce the winner of his controversial campaign T-shirt competition on Channel 7's Sunrise program.
The national broadcast just happens to coincide with Julia Gillard's first day of leave.
More than 1000 people swamped the competition with entries after Mr Rudd invited people to design a T-shirt for the campaign for his Brisbane seat of Griffith.
But not one of the six finalists even mentions his electorate. Instead they echo the Kevin '07 craze that first swept Mr Rudd to power.
Their slogans include "All you need is Rudd", "His name is Kevin Rudd and he's here to help" and favourite "It's our Ruddy future". Another says simply "Kevin Rudd 2013", a clear reference to Kevin '07 and a tone more reminiscent of a US presidential campaign than a that of a Brisbane backbencher.
Critics have noticed Mr Rudd's exquisitely timed media appearances this year have coincided with Ms Gillard being overseas or otherwise out of commission.
I'm sorry, who are these nameless critics, the wouldn't be other journalist by any chance would they?
It reads like a real story, but wow! have they beefed it up, you would have to have a vivid imagination to stretch it to a leadership challenge.
Rudd T-shirt

17 Dec 2012


American gun freedom is costing just too many lives, now even young children are paying for it.

How many more children and teenagers must pay the ultimate price for crazy laws that allow these weapons to bought by anyone, regardless of their mental state or prior history.

How long are politicians going to sit on there hands, enough is enough surely.

Optional grenade launchers offered on some models have a particular appeal, one gun salesman said. He added that although he did not want to make his customers sound crazy, the different types of ammunition available for AR-15s made them attractive to people “who want to be prepared for an Armageddon-type situation.”

13 Dec 2012

A woman's work should not be done, its dangerous!


This Polish man has burnt the side of his head while doing housework after mistaking the iron for a phone.

Tomasz Paczkowski, from the northern Polish town of Elblag, is now swathed in bandages after his wife asked him to help with the housework while he enjoyed a few days off work.

"My wife had gone to work," the 32-year old told the Polish newspaper Fakt. "After breakfast I started to work.

 I turned on the boxing channel on the TV, opened a beer and started ironing.

"I was really getting involved in the boxing and was not really thinking about what I was doing.
"Suddenly the phone rang and I mucked things up.

"Instead of grabbing the receiver I picked up the iron and put it to my ear." Mr Paczkowski said a burning sensation on his ear soon made him realise his mistake.

To compound his misfortune, he hit his head on a door frame while dashing to the bathroom to cool his burn with water. He suffered an injury just above the left eye.

Mr Paczkowski said he would give up watching boxing on the television but would continue to iron.

My advice:

Tomasz don't do it any more, ironing was never meant to be a real man's job, anyway we all know that women can do more than one job at a time, offer to do the washing or the dish washing, you shouldn't get into trouble.

Then again, with the dish washing you could cause yourself some damage, the washing should be safe, but Mmmmmmm, maybe not.

Well Tomasz the best suggestion I can give you is stick to things that real men were meant to do and leave these type of chores to those that were born do such work.


Our Heritage is threatened "MATE" to be banned. No Joke!

This iconic Australian word is under threat
Australians must stand up and fight "Mate"

No other English-speaking country has a word so useful and flexible for referring to ones fellow humans. Certainly the United States doesn’t have an equivalent all-purpose word.
In  American in almost any business interaction it would be more formal, such as “sir” or “ma’am”. It would be “Mr Smith”, seldom “Jim”.
My objection is about a ridiculous directive issued to health workers on the New South Wales north coast that they cannot call colleagues or patients “mate”or darling, sweetheart and honey.
Now darling, sweetheart and honey are words that don't raise my heart rate when threatening to ban them, but banning "mate"..Come on "Maaaaate"
Mate is a great word, it can be used in many ways.
It’s useful, for a start, for people like me who are bad with names.
In this country, just about anyone can call anyone else mate, regardless of social status.
Watch the prime minister out on the hustings, greeting the public with an extended hand and a sunny “gedday mate”, and getting the same in return.
You wouldn’t see that in America. An English friend tells me you wouldn’t see it in Britain either, where the term still has class connotations. Such a toff would sound pretty silly even if he referred to a working man as mate.
In this country mate is most commonly a term of endearment, mainly among men, but now often used by men to women and between women, which is great "mate'.
It can signify aggression, as in “You want a go, mate?”
It can be used to emphasise, as in “Mate, is it hot or what?”
Or it can simply say “Maaaaate!”which gives another meaning.
What is this dumb idea to forbid health workers from calling their patients or even their co-workers “mate”.
The directive says there is a need for professional language within the workplace at all times. There are a number of terms which are not to be used, including “darling”, “sweetheart” and “honey”, as well as "mate".
“The use of this language within the workplace at any time is not appropriate and may be perceived as disrespectful, dis-empowering and non-professional,” it said.
“This type of language should not be used across any level of the organisation such as employee to employee or employee to client.”
This is like my other favourite Australianism, “no worries”which can be followed by "mate" if required.
To me it signals empathy in a ready-to-oblige, egalitarian, no-fuss sort of way.
Some bloody bureaucrat who will never be my "mate" has gone mad, now he wants to ban it? This is unAustralian.
I mean, maaate! Lets be "fair dinkum"

12 Dec 2012

MUD STICKS TO ASHBY'S HAND "The hand that throws mud is always dirty!"

Ashby's claims about Slipper turns to ASHES

It's about  time we took stock of how politics is being conducted.

Peter Slipper's reputation has been dragged through the mud

1. He lost his job as speaker

2. Prime Minister Julia Gillard has been accused of ''running a protection racket''

3. Federal parliament descended into a long debate about horrible references to female        genitals in what were supposed to be his private texts.
The federal court has found the whole thing was an abuse of process, that James Ashby's sexual harassment case was brought ''for the predominant purpose of causing political damage to Mr Slipper''. 

This finding raises big questions for the man who has been pre-selected by the Coalition for Mr Slipper's seat - Mal Brough, who was named in the judgement as acting to advance the interests of the Liberal National Party.
There are questions for the Coalition about the venom they portrayed when it pursued Mr Slipper publicly and in the parliament.
It was part of its political campaign to delegitimise the ALP's minority government  and attack the character of the Prime Minister Julia Gillard, this was never about Slippers behaviour it was just dirty politics.
There is a word called defamation, don't be surprised if this saga continued.
Mal Brough the bystander, there's no mud on him?
Wow that went well.ARH...WELL, WELL, WELL
COALITION frontbencher Christopher Pyne spent almost two hours drinking and chatting with James Ashby a month before the political staffer lodged court documents

11 Dec 2012


The man was fishing with friends on a beach in Icapui, in Brazil's north eastern state of Ceara, when he reeled in a small sole fish, according to police.
The fishermen then reportedly made a bizarre bet with his friends that he would be able to hold the slippery fish between his teeth for a minute to take the hook off.
But no sooner had he put the fish into his mouth that it escaped and swam down his throat, getting lodged in the man's windpipe.
Despite suffocating, the angler managed to get to his car and drive to a hospital two miles away.
But when he arrived there at 11am on Sunday he collapsed and died before doctors could save him.
Leave the hook in!!


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Fifty Sheds of Grey Book - Very Funny! - A parody based on the No1 selling book Fifty Shades of Grey!
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Bullshit Button
Giant Toilet Mug


'Cat burglar': Neighbourhood moggy with a magnetic collar responsible for spate of missing keys

At first they blamed absent-mindedness for the spate of missing keys but when ever more sets disappeared residents realised other forces were at work.

Neighbours discovered that Milo the neighbourhood moggy was stealing the keys – attached to his magnetic collar.
Neighbours discovered that Milo was stealing the keys – attached to his magnetic collar.
  Photo: Stian Alexander10:13AM GMT 10 Dec 2012
Then they discovered the culprit, a genuine “cat burglar” who had made off with more than 20 sets of house and car keys.
The neighbours discovered that Milo the neighbourhood moggy was stealing the keys – attached to his magnetic collar.
The nine-year-old cat had been fitted with the collar to operate her cat flap and stop other cats sneaking into her home to steal her food.
But the collar was also picking up the keys along with its adventures to other people’s homes.
It was not until Kirsten Alexander, 27, spotted her pet coming through the cat flap with a set of someone else's keys dangling from her magnetic collar that the mystery was solved.