11 Dec 2012


The prank that an Australian Radio station played has gone terribly wrong, could they have foreseen the outcome, no they could never have thought of this outcome.

This type of behaviour by radio stations is not new, it has been going on for years, its about time they took a deep breath and thought about the consequences of their actions.

Is this the end of this saga, no, this has gone viral on Twitter and every news broadcast.

Without casting aspersions on any of the people involved I have some question about this affair.

Considering the terrible outcome, what was the state of mind of the nurse previous to the call and was she hauled over the coals by the hospital between the time of call and her demise.

Apparently the hospital in question said she was given support after putting the call through, what support was she given, and if she required support why didn't they contact her husband.

Perhaps all those involved should take note of this

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