9 Dec 2012

STAND ERECT AT CHRISTMAS Only in America for $250


 "Is nothing sacred, even the jewels aren't safe any more, everything in the world is a copy"

Even this story

3d Printer Penis Dildos

3D Penis Print-Outs From 3DEA Are The Future? 

Christmas is coming, and there's no better way to stuff the stocking of that special someone.
3DEA, a pop-up 3D printing store in New York City, is offering customized dildos formed from laser scans -- and 3D print-outs -- of customers' penises, yes its true, believe it or not.
The process is apparently pretty simple: After a "quick tutorial on how to perfect your scan," the excited buyer enters a scanning booth, where ShapeShot technology snaps some images of the patron's manhood, then uses those images to print out a 3D model.
They send the model to New York Toy Collective, where sex toy professionals use the print-out to create a one-of-a-kind dildo.
Sure, customizable dildos have long been available via plaster casts, but as Otto Massimo of Fleshbot points out, the laser technique provides quite a few benefits.
For one, the subject only has to maintain an erection for about three seconds,(which would suit some of us) rather than the extended period of time required for a plaster cast.
Plus, it's not just an in-and-out affair(pardon the pun): the 3DEA package includes champagne, chocolate, and some quality alone time in a luxury hotel room.
At $250 a pop, it may be too hard a bargain for some, but those interested shouldn't mess around before making an appointment - the service is only available from Dec. 3 through Dec. 10.
u are crazy

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