7 Dec 2012


The Atomic Fallout Pizza burger 
You need Proof of age to eat this spicy bugger.

A burger has been created whereby people have to show ID to be able to eat it.

The Atomic Fallout Pizza burger, which comes with a sauce containing two of the hottest chilies in the world, Scotch Bonnet and Naga Bhut Jolokia, is so spicy diners have to don special gloves to take it on and they must be over 18 and of sound mind and judgement, according to Metro.

The burger, which costs £25 and comes with a triple helping of chilli fries, is made up of 18oz beef patties, 18oz of cheese and two deep fried slices of pizza which hold the filling in place.

Anyone who finishes the red-hot meal at Atomic Fallout is in with a chance of making the Bristol diner's

"Top 100 Wall of Flame" and they will win a T-Shirt.


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