19 Dec 2012


Dumb dummies:

Italian trio held over shop break-in

Rome guardian.co.uk, 
A group of Romans who broke into a designer clothes shop at the weekend have proved themselves to be possibly the world's worst thieves after being caught pretending to be clothes mannequins.
The three men – aged 55, 70 and 78 – allegedly broke into the Rome store on Piazza Fiume through a rear window at 4am on Sunday and set about loading designer clothes and bags worth around €100,000 (£81,000) into large sacks.
According to Italian press reports, the trio are veterans of scores of shop break-ins stretching back decades and are well known to police. They were equipped with a blow torch, crow bar and skeleton keys.
But their noisy entrance to the store woke a neighbour who alerted police. A patrol quickly surrounded the store and entered to find the half filled sacks inside but no thieves.
A careful search turned up the two older suspects – named as Tommaso, 78, and Vittorio, 70 – standing stock still in a display, trying to pass themselves off as shop dummies. (Have you ever seen  dummies this old! )
They were dressed in jacket and tie, the two men were almost elegant enough to pass for the mannequins they stood alongside(The age may have been a give away), but their trembling gave them away to officers who promptly arrested them, a police spokeswoman said.

The other man who apparently didn't have the same imagination , Lucianoi, 55, was apparently found hiding elsewhere in the store.(Maybe he was just too dam ugly?)

The older pair are said to have the blamed the youngster for their capture.