7 Jan 2013

BISHOPS WILL LIE! Self protection!

'So you say, hey! bishop, are you having sex with your partner?"
 You can't imagine anyone asking that question with a straight face. Anyhow what constitutes sex anyway?  Is it Snogging?..... Toe-sucking?..or.....*********
 (Does the Church of England have a position on this? Standing or lying?)
The new line from the C of E is that gay men in civil partnerships can be bishops as long as they refrain from sex (you could put it another way, you can have gay bishops as long as they are not really gay)
This raises the question:  how on earth will the authorities ever find out? A CCTV in every bedroom? Cameras fitted to underpants?
No, the only way the bedroom police could ever really know is if they ask, and they believe in the honesty of those being interrogated.
Now we have it, do sexually active gay priests or bishops have a moral responsibility to tell the truth?
No I think not. I'd go further, in this situation, they may have a moral responsibility to lie.
We lie for self-advancement. Morally, it's a no-brainer that this is wrong, at other times, we lie because we don't trust another with the truth.
We have good reason to believe that they will use it to hurt us or others. In this case of sexually active gay priests and bishops, this fear is completely justified.
That ordinarily people should maintain a strong presumption in favour of telling the truth is true.
However the situation in which gay people in the church find themselves is far from ordinary, it is an impossible one.
A friend of mine once accompanied priest, who had just come out, to a gay club in Birmingham. He wasn't game to go on his own. He needn't have worried. There were loads of priests in the club.
The ridiculous thing was, that night they were having a vicars and tarts party. So the only people in the place who were not dressed as priests were the ones who actually were.
"The truth will set you free" says the Bible.
 In circumstances of oppression, freedom and truth go underground.