18 Jan 2013

Ground down horse! Burger! Burger! Burger! Only 63% beef! Could this be happening in Australia...maybe?

British Burgers Beef. Neyee,Neyee!
Stop this horsing around

Tesco burgers apparently contain up to 29% horse DNA are likely to have been made with high-protein powders derived from horse rather than fresh meat.
The main focus of efforts to trace the source of adulteration in the Tesco economy burgers has now shifted from the meat itself to additives used in the manufacturing process.

Not that anyone is passing the BUCK, but you may BUCK at the price for this part horse burger.

The Irish processors ABP have pointed the finger at suppliers of the "beef ingredient products" it uses to make cheap burgers. Silly me, I would have thought that "beef ingredient products" should be just that, beef.

So now we know, that if you want to beef up the beef what you do is add HORSEY!

The Tesco burgers were only 63% meat and 37% other ingredients.
Economy burgers are typically bulked out with additive mixes of concentrated proteins extracted from animal carcasses and offcuts.Pardon me what animals?

Sources in the industry have said that the 29% horse DNA is thought more likely to have originated with these high-protein powders from rendered horses rather than any fresh horse meat.

Rendered horse, is this another breed of horse, one that resembles beef, then again I have heard beefing up a horse!