29 Jan 2013

I will not tell porkies says Tony Abbott "IMPOSSIBLE" he's a politician.

TONY Abbott has promised no fibs,(ha,ha, sorry I just have to laugh) and no surprises if he wins this year's federal election.
Against claims he has secret plans to slash spending or make sweeping industrial relations changes if he becomes prime minister, Mr Abbott vowed to stick by election promises.
"This will be a no surprises from us, says Tony.
"We are not going to say one thing before an election and do the opposite afterwards, says Tony. (I'd like a dollar for every time a politician has said that)
He leaves the back door open wide enough to drive an Airbus through it.
Why, because it is hard to understand how his "no surprises" pledge will apply when he is to have a commission of audit into spending straight after the election and an inquiry into child care funding.
We all remember how the Howard Government made sweeping cuts to what it said were "non-core promises" after winning power in 1996.
So Tony's statements are as clear as all the policies he has not yet  released.
Trust me, trust me, Please!
I wouldn't tell a lie.


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