14 Jan 2013

ISRAEL The spoiled child, its so sad.

You child have not grown up to be a nice person.
You were forced to move from your old home by bad people who were going to hurt you.

So you had to move to a new home, it was someone else's country but the world didn't mind if you took it over and made it yours.(It was called Palestine)

Now you and your children were a little frightened so you asked your friends in the world for something to make you less frightened.

Now because the world knew you'd had a hard time they decided to give you something to stop it crying, they gave you lots of armaments including atomic weapons and they trusted you because you had ,had such a rough trot in the past, they knew that you would be responsible.

The world was sure that after what you had been through, you would be fair with the Palestinians, after all it was their country before you took it over.

Now what has happened, like all children that are spoiled when young, you always want more, you become greedy, you forget the past and the hardships, you can't see that you are becoming a little like the bad people that you ran away from.

Israel builds more homes in Gaza, again!