16 Jan 2013

The mining tax that ate Australia!

The mining tax that would eat
Australia just aint!

Now I just wanted to remind people that Australia has put in place a mining tax, the Coalition almost had a heart attack, their mates in the industry were all about to go broke, shock horror!

Well, we now have this terrible tax, what's happened, have all the miners gone bust or pulled out of Australia, no they haven't, in fact none of them have paid a cent and, in fact, they have all increased production.

Guess what the Coalition are complaining about now, you guessed it, their complaining about the government not getting enough tax from the miners, they want to know why, what's happened?

Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott have egg all over their faces, how can they save face?

I know, says Joe, we'll attack the government about transparency, then we'll attack the Tax office that should do it.

I don't know about that, says Tony people might remember how we backed the miners so much over this tax and wake up to the fact that we always do what miners tell us to do.

No, No, No says Joe, you've forgotten one thing Tony, voters can't even remember what day it is, never mind what happened a few months ago.
Remember Tony if you tell a lie over and over these dumb voters start to believe it, its that simple.