3 Feb 2013


Must haves for babies, those who have everything, and I do mean everything.

Bugaboo Donkey pram (about $2400)
Christian Dior dummy holder (about $110)?
Ralph Lauren Ruffle Bum Playsuit ($70) 

Bulgari and Burberry have tapped into the baby perfume market too, as have Johnson's, purveyors of such childhood classics as ''No more tears'' shampoo, which now also sells budget baby cologne for about $5 a bottle.

Think of this, an unborn daughter's first words could be: ''Mummy, please can I have a bottle of French perfume for my birthday?''

Baby perfume joins a growing list of adult items redesigned for children.

There is high heels for babies

Teethers shaped like credit cards.

It was announced a ''chewable'' tablet computer, the InnoTab 2 Baby for($130). This will launched in time for Christmas. 

Companies have explored and exhausted the teenage market and they have moved on to the youngest "market.''

We have lost all perspective,  ''Nowadays, it is quite normal for the whole family to club together to buy a buggy that, along with all the accessories, costs almost $1500.''

Spending so much on a barely cognisant baby is ridicules, when will we wake up, this is consumerism gone mad!
The current must-have for the A-list is the Bugaboo, a high-end buggy that's equivalent of a Rolls Royce for the ultimate yummy mummy. 

Now the Dutch brand has brought out a new stroller, the Bugaboo Donkey, that's the first on the market to break the $2000-mark, currently retailing at $2400. 

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