2 Feb 2013

Humans and Animals YUK! Germany tightens law to protect animals?

Zoophiles protest against German bestiality ban

Germany tightens its laws against having sex with animals.

Zoophile (yep, that's what they call them) advocates gathered in central Berlin on Friday to fight for their right to choose who, or what, they love. The Local's Jessica Ware reports.
Michael Kiok and his partner Cissy have been in a caring relationship for the past seven years, which would be unremarkable if not for the fact that 'Cissy is a dog'.

Angry that Germany wants to criminalize his unusual love affair, Kiok joined other zoophiles at Berlin's Potsdamer Platz on Friday to protest against new legislation banning bestiality.

“I found her advertised in a newspaper after my old dog passed away,” Kiok told The Local, saying the new law was unfair. “We feel like criminals. This is all because of fanatical animal rights demonstrators who think we hurt the animals.” 

Late last year, Germany's lower house of parliament made having sex with animals a criminal offence carrying a fine of up to €25,000. The upper house, the Bundesrat, signed off on the measures on Friday, as part of a package of measures aimed at bolstering animal protection.

“We are going to appeal to the highest court,” said Kiok, whose hat was covered in Cissy's hair.

From pack member to partner

He said the all-male group gathered at the protest were all in mutually beneficial relationships with their significant, furry, others and were not – as commonly thought of as – deviant animal abusers.

Mr Kiok if your not a deviant animal abuser what in the world do you think you are.
You are weirdo, a total weirdo.

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