5 Feb 2013

Tony Abbott can become 'The good guy!'

Tony Abbott has had a brain snap, you wouldn't believe it.

He's discovered that the Coalition should not just show their 'NO' side, in fact like a flash of lightning it's struck him.

Low and behold he's realised, they are supposed to behave like the alternative government.

Now this has been a revelation to Tony, indeed its a little like the second coming, can he really reinvent himself.

Will he step into the proverbial telephone box and bring about this change.

Imagine, what will the new Tony look like, a perfect gentleman, the soft and cuddly kind with a genuine smile that means something.

Wow! are we ready for such a startling change, the thoughtful Tony, caring Tony, even a Yes Tony, the mind boggles at the thought.

Can this come true, surely it this would be a miracle! He may even be considered for Sainthood.  

Oh dear, I must have fallen asleep, did he really promise to change, it must have been a dream, mind you, they do say that dreams sometimes come true.

Should this ever come true it will be a big improvement on the nightmare of the last couple of years.

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