30 Mar 2013


Tony Abbott V Julia Gillard


I can only imagine she'd employ the limited time to attempt the culinary version of a landmine. Perhaps, the perfect souffle.
If she pulled off, a magnificent victory, worthy of the respect of her rivals.
Just to increase a sense of jeopardy, Gillard adds a rose-water infusion, encases the souffle in Belgian chocolate and attempts an interior sorbet, impervious to melting, even in a 200 degree oven.  What could possibly go wrong?

On the other side of the kitchen, Tony watches. Still stoic like.
He thinks for a moment. Then, another moment. Moments become minutes.

They cut to a commercial break.

He calmly announces his proposed masterpiece: a dish certain to appeal to the breadth of the country's palate.
Yes a simple, unfussy recipe that can't fail to satisfy, if not exactly impress …
Grilled cheese on toast!

Tony knows that any new ideas are dangerous, he's saying his usual..Trust Me,Trust Me!

Yes this is utter genius. White bread. A slice of Bega. Five minutes in a standard oven.
What could possibly go wrong?

The collective shoulders of the nation's foodies sag in resignation, then... we realise that all is not lost.

Our saviour is close at hand! Malcolm's beef Wellington: a dish that combines innovation with just the right balance of familiarity.
Oh no, hang on, Malcolm isn't anywhere near the kitchen? He's not even in the show?

We all know how we'd like this story to end but all is lost I'm afraid.

27 Mar 2013

The real power in Canberra..Not the pollies..The Departmental Secretaries

I've always got your back Minister

Ministers don't run their departments......the public servants do.  "Yes Minister" was a program developed after years of research, this is how it works:

Minister: Secretary, do you think it is a good idea to issue a statement?

Secretary: Well, Minister, in practical terms we have the usual six options:

One: do nothing.
Two: issue a statement deploring the idea.
Three: lodge an alternative proposal which is dangerous, they may hold us to it.
Four: cut off aid.
Five: break off diplomatic relations.
And six: declare war.

Minister: Which one should it be?

Well, if we do nothing, that means we don't disagree or agree with the proposal.
If we issue a statement, we'll just look foolish and if we lodge a protest, it'll be ignored.
We can't cut off aid, because we don't give them any.
If we break off diplomatic relations, then we can't negotiate the oil contracts.
And if we declare war, well it might just look as though we were over-reacting!

Get it Minister!!!!!!! The best thing is to do is nothing, we'll look after everything, leave it to us that's what we're here for.
Minister we've seen all this before, Ministers and governments come and go, but we go on for ever. Don't you worry about a thing!

Frightening, no reassuring.

Australian politics:Sounds like a duck looks like a duck, or is it two ducks

Illustration: Pat Campbell

Tony Abbott's  ''Our plan: Real solutions for all Australians'':
(or was this Julia speaking it does sound familiar)

Great potential, stronger Australia, stronger economy, stronger communities.

Cleaner environment, stronger borders, more modern infrastructure

More productive and diverse economy, lower taxes, higher wages

Better services, modernised economy, right policies

Competitive manufacturing, dynamic services, growing knowledge economy

Strong vibrant small business sector, stronger jobs growth.

Yes we can!

How he will achieve these is unknown and there is no costings at all.

Politics being what is today you can imagine both sides of politics saying the same words, is there a great difference between them, not really.

There will be no great change with most government activity.

At least 90 per cent of federal health expenditure is not controversial;

The same could be said of education, defence, foreign affairs, agriculture, trade, social security, community welfare, Centrelink, treasury, finance, and prime minister and cabinet-style functions.

Therefore the only differences will be what they cost and Tony will have to come clean after the  the budget or people will remember the black hole and shonky auditing last time around.Abbott does not want to be the issue, and his plan is little more than an uncontroversial statement of good intentions at he moment, he's got to front up and soon. 

24 Mar 2013

Now for the Coalition. Show us policies please. We might vote for you.

Mr Abbott, merely has to keep breathing to become the next prime minister.

 We would hope that his health prevails long into old age, but it is not enough to have the job presented to him on a plate.

Australians want to know precisely why they should vote for him, this requires hard work, not just back slapping and empty rhetoric.

If he believes he leads the next government-in-waiting, then it is up to him to show us some policies, we need to see  the vision that drives them.

Give us reasons why he should be elected. Being a small target to Labor, is one thing but to carry on with that strategy is to treat voters with contempt.

All we know so far is they will be getting rid of carbon pricing and the mining tax.

Costings nil, the Coalition will deliver these to the public after the May budget maybe, yes maybe.

However, throwing out a government is not the same thing as electing an alternative one.

I suppose he thinks his present strategy of attacking everything is the smart thing to do and certainly he wont get caught with his foot in his mouth to often while he continues with this strategy.

As the the opposition it has served a purpose, however it is also their job to offer credible alternatives. We have to date seen no such thing.

The electorate however hates being taken for granted, Coalition policy is at the moment just empty sack, like an empty christmas stocking the day before.

We have no inkling of what they stand for, or what their intentions are, we are staring into an empty pit, do they think that the people will vote them in just because they can play attack dog very well.

No, without detailed policies, we cannot properly assess if they deserves to govern. We have a right to know.

We are the electorate, we are not mushrooms, to be kept in the dark and harvested at election time.

It's time time they started to behave like an alternative government, the attack dog strategy worked well, now we want to see the smarter side, the policy alternatives.

The games are over where is the real Coalition, the so called government in waiting.

22 Mar 2013

Serious Accident in Australia. Some party members lost in crash.


A serious accident has occurred in Australia which has reverberated around the nation.

Serious internal injuries have occurred following a spill of a toxic nature in Parliament house, there were many reportedly injured. Some have apparently been taken to the back of house while others are being examined to determine their injuries will allow them to stay or be moved to another location.

The cause of this toxicity has yet to be determined, however rumour has it that a member may have been the carrier because the member has shown suicidal tendencies recently.

Apparently he has been seen mumbling about who is, or who not should be god, it has been very worrying to his colleagues, because he has been showing signs delusional behaviour.

An in depth post mortem of the parties internal organs is about to be carried out and the results are awaited with baited breath.

As yet the Coalition has shown a callous attitude towards the maimed and injured, some have even said this accident was self inflicted.

We all know that no party even though delusional would cause such a catastrophic thing to happen to its self, would it?  

THIS WOMAN HAS GOT GUTS. This girl hasn't got a glass jaw, that's for sure!

I will preface these comments by saying I was a Rudd supporter, however recent events have convinced me that Gillard is a tough lady and deserves our respect, no one has ever taken so much flak. 


Julia won this shoot out. Kevin now resides in boothill. R.I.P.

Kev, well when you find out that all you fire is blanks it's time to become a celibate. 

We Australians are not used to seeing such toughness in a woman as displayed by Julia on Thursday and there are many who feel uncomfortable with it. 

Julia Gillard revealed recently, that she felt women in politics needed to be as tough, if not tougher, than the men.

She doesn't believe that women should make politics kinder and gentler, and why should she, with the number and amount of vicious attacks she has had to deal with.

She is a unique target however, Thursday showed, no matter what is thrown at her, she can take it  on the chin and come back.

Most of us might find this hard to understand (because it contradicts our stereotyped notion of how women should behave, soft and gentle). Should she have broken down and cried.

No she is a fighter, she always sees the glass as being half full, under the circumstance many would have collapsed.

The press and the Coalition have been merciless, they have attacked her looks her dress and private life.

The press have promoted stories without checking facts and the Coalition have behaved like sharks in a feeding frenzy with no regard or respect for her being a woman or her  position as Prime Minister in Australia's parliament.

Some might think that gutter politics is clever politics. I for one do not , it has turned parliament into a school yard with bullying being the replacement for clever debate.

Should Tony Abbott become PM what can we expect, no one knows. All we have seen for months is a spoilt little boy who has never accepted that he did not win the last election.

He has spat the dummy so often that we would not recognise him without it dangling from the side of his mouth.

Will the real Tony please stand up and show us if he can be a statesman instead of a spoilt little boy.

Please, if there is another Tony in there let's get a look at him, is he as shallow as he's portrayed, surely not, there must be more to him than that?

20 Mar 2013

Bargain Hunt..What a bottler!

Nice little earner: Bowl bought for $3 sells for $2.15 million at Sotheby's

This small Chinese pottery bowl that started as a $3 tag sale turned into a massive windfall that sold for $US2.225 million during an auction at Sotheby's in New York. Picture: Sotheby's
A BOWL bought at a $3 sale has turned into a massive windfall for a lucky bargain hunter: it sold for $AUS 2.15 million at an auction at Sotheby's.
The small pottery bowl, finely crafted with an ivory glaze, turned out to be a thousand-year-old Ding bowl, dating from the Song dynasty, which ruled China from 960 to 1279.
The only other similar bowl from the period known to exist has been on display at the British Museum for more than 60 years.
After picking it up for a few dollars down the road in 2007, the buyer displayed it in the living room.
More recently, they became curious about its value and took it to experts for an appraisal.
Sotheby's had estimated the bowl would sell for between $US200,000 and $US300,000.
But four bidders battled over the rare find, and it ultimately sold to renowned London art dealer Giuseppe Eshenazi for $US2.225 million.


US Senate Democratic leaders have dropped a proposal to ban assault-style weapons from gun-safety legislation they plan to introduce next month.

Instead, the ban's sponsor, California Democrat Dianne Feinstein, will be given a chance to offer the measure as an amendment to gun legislation that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will put on the floor, second-ranking Democrat Dick Durbin told reporters in Washington.

‘‘I tried my best,’’ Senator Feinstein said, adding that Senator Reid had informed her this week  her measure would not be included in the main legislation. ‘‘My best I guess just wasn’t good enough.’’

Backers of gun restrictions say it will be difficult to pass any measure limiting weapons ownership either in the Senate or the Republican-led House.
Gun toting Americans have won once again, what makes them tick, probably fear.

Why are they frightened, because there are so many guns around, why are there so many guns, because people want guns to protect themselves from so many guns.

Why do they want assault rifles, you guessed it, yep!  there are heaps of assault rifles around so they have to have one to protect themselves, why, you guessed it, there's too many around.

Weird logic, but that's America for you.



19 Mar 2013

England does it! Regulation of press has arrived. They brought it on themselves!

Historic' deal on press regulation in England

The Guardian

A shell shocked newspaper industry was struggling to come to terms with a sudden all-party agreement to create a powerful new press regulator designed to prevent a repeat of the phone-hacking scandal.
The independent regulator will have powers to impose fines and demand prominent corrections, and courts will be allowed to impose exemplary damages on newspapers that fail to join the body.
All three party leaders hailed the "historic" deal, sealed in extraordinary late-night talks on Sunday in the office of the Labour leader Ed Miliband after months of wrangling.
Under the deal, the newspaper industry has lost its power to veto appointments to the body that will replace the Press Complaints Commission, the previous regulator discredited by its failure to investigate phone hacking by leading newspapers.
The Guardian's editor-in-chief, gave a cautious welcome to the deal. He said: "We welcome the fact that there has been cross-party agreement. The regulatory settlement is by and large a fair one, with compromises on all sides. 
The Australia press is laughing at them, because in Australia they've got the government by the short and curlies!

MEDIA CONTROL or Just common sense!

The Big Bad Wolf...The government wants the Press Council to have some teeth to enforce their own judgements.
Is this the end of the world?
According to our Dear Leader Kim Jong Williams
 He is fighting for free speech, what he means is, ..News Ltd)
In the US, the top two newspaper groups cover about 14 per cent.

In Canada, a country more akin to ourselves in terms of geography, 54 per cent coverage from the top two.

In Australia it is 86 per cent coverage.

We have one of the most concentrated media sectors in the world and the present owners in the sector would like to shrink it further.

A previous chairman of the Australian Press Council, Professor Dennis Pearce referred to a previous episode that apparently happened:

A particular newspaper(guess which one) did not like a judgement they the Council made and they withdrew from the council for a period of months. That was a direct consequence of the particular adjudication going against them?
The newspaper said the council's adjudication was wrong and they were not going to publish it, and they did not.

In other words they ignored their own Press Council just because they would not take criticism.

This particular paper is not the only one that ignores their own self regulation, this is about ethics, their own ethics, so if they themselves flaunt the rulings of this body something is terribly wrong with the present system and needs fixing.

As far as some oversight over amalgamation and takeovers. all industries in this country have some rules that protect us from monopolies, weak though they might be. So why is it that this industry should be immune.

Could it be that they want to ensure that they maintain their clout and influence over governments, maybe.

It does seem to us mere underlings that when they say jump, parties of both sides of politics say how high.

Neither side has the gumption to take them on because they rely on their support to get and maintain power.

Free speech is alive in Australia, however it is challenge to publish anything that does not suit certain proprietors. In fact if one reads the papers some do not even allow comments on articles they foster, yes free speech still exists if you can find it!

  The goal of the proprietor normally

15 Mar 2013

Had an ENEMA..Ever felt like you've had the same feeling!


Doctor gets stabbed for administering enema

A doctor working at a Sanand hospital had to face the wrath of a woman, who misunderstood the treatment prescribed to her. He suffered serious injuries after being assaulted by the patient’s brother and his accomplices.
The incident happened at Shreeji Hospital, where Dipika went for treatment after suffering from severe constipation. After examining her, Dr Divyesh Teraiyya asked his staff to administer enema to the patient to relieve her of the pain.
Following the procedure, instead of feeling relieved, the patient assumed that she was sodomised and felt humiliated.
She rushed home to tell her brother Rinku Vaghela about the incident, who gathered his friends and went to confront the doctor. The altercation escalated to the point where they stabbed the doctor in his cheek and beat him up with pipes and sticks.
Sanand police have registered a complaint against Vaghela and his accomplices, who have absconded.

14 Mar 2013

Jorge Bergoglio..THE NEW POPE..Not without a past.

New Broom or Same old Brush?
The Argentina Independent

Jorge Bergoglio, former Archibishop of Buenos Aires has been named the 266th leader of the Catholic Church, taking the name Pope Francis.

He is the first Latin American to hold the title, and is the first non-European pope in 1,200 years. He is also the first Jesuit to hold the position.

"Jesuits and are also known colloquially as "God's Marines", these being references to founder Ignatius of Loyola's military background and members' willingness to accept orders anywhere in the world and live in extreme conditions".

The 76-year-old was ordained to the priesthood in 1969, attending a seminary in San Miguel, Buenos Aires. He progressed through the ranks of the Church, and was named Archbishop of Buenos Aires in 1998. Pope John Paul II created him a Cardinal in 2001.
The news is not, however, without controversy, due to the role he is said to have played in last military dictatorship (1976-83), in which an estimated 30,000 people were killed and disappeared.
The Argentine Church in general, and Bergoglio in his role as supervisor of the local Jesuit Order, has been accused of ignoring the plight of the victims of the military junta, despite victims and their relatives giving first hand accounts of kidnappings, torture, and deaths.
Positions on Social Issues: 
He is opposed to abortion and euthanasia, describing the pro-choice movement as a “culture of death”
He adheres to official Church position of acceptance on homosexuality, but opposes same-sex marriage
He unsuccessfully lobbied against Argentina’s same-sex marriage law, which was ultimately passed in 2011.

13 Mar 2013

Public has no entitlement to have any control on The Press!

News Ltd's Kim Williams wants no public overseer.

Mr Williams slammed Communications Minister Stephen Conroy's plan to create a government  appointed bureaucrat, known as the Public Interest Media Advocate, to have oversight of professional media groups and their handling of complaints against the media and press standards.
The public interest would also encompass decisions on takeovers and investment, shock horror, fancy the public having a say.
News Ltd hasn't surprised anyone with their attitude to any sort of public oversight.

I wonder why, after the fiasco in England.

We know why, don't we.

The behaviour of the press in England reinforces the need for some oversight, Australia is not on another planet after all.

Senator Conroy:
The new Public Interest Media Advocate would not get involved in individual complaints against publishers and broadcasters but would seek to ensure the industry "meets the standards that it sets for itself''.

REAL Sex banned for disabled. Mechanical sex OK?

French panel is against sex

Yes, its no to 'sex assistants'

for disabled

AN ethics panel in France on Tuesday opposed the use of so-called sexual assistants for the disabled, an issue sparked by a true-to-life film recounting the experiences of a handicapped man.

The National Consultative Ethics Committee (CCNE), which advises the government on health issues, said it saw too great a risk of abuse to back "professional" use of sex helpers.
Several associations are lobbying for law changes so that people can legally offer sexual services for the handicapped, and even to have these services reimbursed by the welfare state.
Their campaign has been inspired by experiences in Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and by a Hollywood film, The Sessions, which portrays the sexual awakening of a 38-year-old paralysed man and his relationship with his sex therapist.
"The beneficiaries are vulnerable people who are at risk of an emotional investment in the sexual assistant," the CCNE said.
"It is not possible to give sexual assistance a professional status like other activities, given the principle that the human body cannot be used for commercial purposes."
So there's no such thing as prostitution in France? Come on, wake up France!
It recommended that carers be trained in the sexual needs and dignity of the disabled.
"This training must have a technical aspect, for example facilitating physical relationships between handicapped people or access to mechanical means of sexual satisfaction," the panel said.
France has slipped back to the dark ages, who would have believed it "France"
So the disabled are less than  human "mechanical sex" what crap.
I have seen the result of a sexual experience on a profoundly handicapped person who had never had the experience.
It was truly amazing, he could not believe he could have such a feeling.
Who arranged for it to happen, members of the medical profession, yes. They hired a professional sex worker.

12 Mar 2013

CRICKET..Australia is laughing in disgust. When is a coach not a coach? NOW!

Australian cricket coach Mickey Arthur dropped a bomb on the team yesterday, he dumped Watson, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson and Usman Khawaja for breaching team discipline.

A new mortal sin has arrived for the Australian cricket team, what is it, well you won't believe it, its about some players not joining in on a talk fest about their why the team has fallen over in India.

Maybe the players in question did not want to air their feelings about the team with the coach, this is the coach who has in my opinion started this musical chairs charade.

This coach has not given any of the players anything consistent to work on for their future, they do not know from one day to the next who is in the team.

There is no logic behind this decision, they didn't go hit the booze, they didn't break curfew, they didn't miss training, they were on a break.

Now they have been ruled out because they failed to make a presentation on what they think of  the team.

Is this kindergarten or grown ups, is this the way to run a  team that represents Australia.


11 Mar 2013

Canberra Bashing "The pastime of many true Australians"

From another world?
Yes, this is the in thing once again
Up and down the nation, they hate us, in fact loath us, why, let me guess, is it because this is well planned city, unlike most, or is something more sinister.

Could it be that we Canberran's have strange ideas about the rest of the country.
No, it can't be that, because we all come from places all over Australia.

I wonder what it could be that makes us so obnoxious, could it be that we are blamed for all the ills that befall the whole country, mmmmm maybe?

Why would that be, could it be that we are being confused with herd of political alliens who curse us with their presents for months on end, with their bickering and childish behaviour or could it be that those of us who work for these pollies are being blamed for every broken promises.

Well I know quite a few of these workers and I can tell you that they are forced to oversee every crackpot idea that governments give them(their sanity is stretched to braking point quite often).

These people need medals not criticism, and while we think about it, what of the wives and children who have to put up with their muttering about the stupidity of governments on a daily basis.

What of the other people who live here.
Those who feed cloth and build for us, do they deserve to be bashed in the press for just living in Canberra.

Journalists who do not have the mentality to discern which is a politician from us mere eathlings who live here, are just plain lazy.

Parliament house is not Canberra, it is just a building that houses a group of strange alliens who descend on us at regular intervals.

Their political language has been developed obviously by their need for only them to understand it.

Many people have examined this "language" and have found that it has the ability to selectively infect only one other group, that is journalists, who once infected become fascinated, in fact they become so infected they become immune to the truth.(perhaps that accounts for Canberra bashing, because it is obviously very contagious)

Now there is some talk of a cure on the horizon, however I'm not very confident, it seems to be reborn every couple of months no matter who is in government.

Its as if it has become a genetic trait to be past on to the next generation.

Tony Abbott thoughts "Shallow or Real"or both?

Selected quotes from Tony Abbott’s book ‘Battlelines’

“Unlike Liberalism and socialism, conservatism(Coalition) does not start with an idea and construct a huge superstructure based on one insight or preference. … Conservatism starts with an appreciation of what is and what has been and tries to discern the good from patterns of conduct.(political speak for don't change)

Conservatism prefers facts to theory; practical demonstration to metaphysical abstraction, what works to what’s in the mind’s eye.(no imagination)

To a conservative intuition is as important as reasoning; instinct as important as intellect(the born to rule instinct)…Conservatives are not optimists or pessimists but realists”(very debatable)

“Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. That second commandment is rightly the whole basis of human ethics.”(no doubt politicians love themselves more than most)

“The problem is that most Western nations have privatised the next generation".
Having children is tends to be regarded as a personal choice rather than a social good.(Catholic doctrine obvious)

Perhaps for the first time in human history, large families are not seen as a sign of faith in the future or even as a provision against its perils but as a kind of trespass on the environment. 
(Realists? We live in the the year 2013, capitalism dictates family size, not faith!)

“To voters, health and education outrank unemployment, the environment, national security, tax, workplace relations and immigration (as important as they are).

 Voters seem to consider health and education more important than economic management, despite good economic management being a precondition for better hospitals and schools.
(so voters are so dumb they put health, and god forbid, education first, WOW how dumb are we!) 

7 Mar 2013

Darth Vader confirmed North Side of Canberra as home

A hot air balloon in the shape of Darth Vaderwill come to Australia for the first time for Canberra's Balloon Spectacular.
Yes its true, as many people on the South side of Canberra have known for years, the North Side is the DARK SIDE.

George Pell a No Pope along with others on this list.

Sex victims' hit list.

No to these Pope candidates.

Sex abuse victims have released a "dirty dozen" list of potential papal candidates - This includes Australia's George Pell
They say the Catholic Church to "get serious" about protecting children, helping victims and exposing corruption.
We want to urge Catholic prelates to stop pretending that the worst is over regarding the clergy sex abuse and cover up crisis.
"Tragically, the worst is almost certainly ahead."
The organisation of abuse victims cited a dozen cardinals from the United States, Mexico, Honduras, Italy, Australia, Czech Republic, Canada, Argentina and Ghana accused of protecting paedophile priests and making offensive public statements.
They are all considered to be contenders to succeed Pope Benedict XVI, who was criticised for his handling of the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the church in the United States and Europe.
There is no current Vatican 'insider' who has the will to truly 'clean house' in the Vatican and elsewhere,'" this includes all the members of the Roman Curia, the administrative branch of the Holy See.
"Promoting a Curia member would discourage victims, witnesses, whistle blowers and advocates from reporting wrongdoings."
These Cardinals are believed to have done little or nothing to eradicate paedophiles, the blacklist included:
Cardinal Peter Turkson of Ghana
Cardinal Tarsicio Bertone of Italy
Cardinal Dominik Duka of Czech Republic
Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera of Mexico
Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga of Honduras
Cardinal Timothy Dolan of New York
Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington
Cardinal Sean O'Malley of Boston
Cardinal Angelo Scola of Italy
Cardinal Leonardo Sandri of Argentina
Cardinal George Pell of Australia
Cardinal Marc Ouellet of Quebec, Canada.