27 Mar 2013

Australian politics:Sounds like a duck looks like a duck, or is it two ducks

Illustration: Pat Campbell

Tony Abbott's  ''Our plan: Real solutions for all Australians'':
(or was this Julia speaking it does sound familiar)

Great potential, stronger Australia, stronger economy, stronger communities.

Cleaner environment, stronger borders, more modern infrastructure

More productive and diverse economy, lower taxes, higher wages

Better services, modernised economy, right policies

Competitive manufacturing, dynamic services, growing knowledge economy

Strong vibrant small business sector, stronger jobs growth.

Yes we can!

How he will achieve these is unknown and there is no costings at all.

Politics being what is today you can imagine both sides of politics saying the same words, is there a great difference between them, not really.

There will be no great change with most government activity.

At least 90 per cent of federal health expenditure is not controversial;

The same could be said of education, defence, foreign affairs, agriculture, trade, social security, community welfare, Centrelink, treasury, finance, and prime minister and cabinet-style functions.

Therefore the only differences will be what they cost and Tony will have to come clean after the  the budget or people will remember the black hole and shonky auditing last time around.Abbott does not want to be the issue, and his plan is little more than an uncontroversial statement of good intentions at he moment, he's got to front up and soon.