11 Mar 2013

Canberra Bashing "The pastime of many true Australians"

From another world?
Yes, this is the in thing once again
Up and down the nation, they hate us, in fact loath us, why, let me guess, is it because this is well planned city, unlike most, or is something more sinister.

Could it be that we Canberran's have strange ideas about the rest of the country.
No, it can't be that, because we all come from places all over Australia.

I wonder what it could be that makes us so obnoxious, could it be that we are blamed for all the ills that befall the whole country, mmmmm maybe?

Why would that be, could it be that we are being confused with herd of political alliens who curse us with their presents for months on end, with their bickering and childish behaviour or could it be that those of us who work for these pollies are being blamed for every broken promises.

Well I know quite a few of these workers and I can tell you that they are forced to oversee every crackpot idea that governments give them(their sanity is stretched to braking point quite often).

These people need medals not criticism, and while we think about it, what of the wives and children who have to put up with their muttering about the stupidity of governments on a daily basis.

What of the other people who live here.
Those who feed cloth and build for us, do they deserve to be bashed in the press for just living in Canberra.

Journalists who do not have the mentality to discern which is a politician from us mere eathlings who live here, are just plain lazy.

Parliament house is not Canberra, it is just a building that houses a group of strange alliens who descend on us at regular intervals.

Their political language has been developed obviously by their need for only them to understand it.

Many people have examined this "language" and have found that it has the ability to selectively infect only one other group, that is journalists, who once infected become fascinated, in fact they become so infected they become immune to the truth.(perhaps that accounts for Canberra bashing, because it is obviously very contagious)

Now there is some talk of a cure on the horizon, however I'm not very confident, it seems to be reborn every couple of months no matter who is in government.

Its as if it has become a genetic trait to be past on to the next generation.