12 Mar 2013

CRICKET..Australia is laughing in disgust. When is a coach not a coach? NOW!

Australian cricket coach Mickey Arthur dropped a bomb on the team yesterday, he dumped Watson, Mitchell Johnson, James Pattinson and Usman Khawaja for breaching team discipline.

A new mortal sin has arrived for the Australian cricket team, what is it, well you won't believe it, its about some players not joining in on a talk fest about their why the team has fallen over in India.

Maybe the players in question did not want to air their feelings about the team with the coach, this is the coach who has in my opinion started this musical chairs charade.

This coach has not given any of the players anything consistent to work on for their future, they do not know from one day to the next who is in the team.

There is no logic behind this decision, they didn't go hit the booze, they didn't break curfew, they didn't miss training, they were on a break.

Now they have been ruled out because they failed to make a presentation on what they think of  the team.

Is this kindergarten or grown ups, is this the way to run a  team that represents Australia.


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