11 Mar 2013

Tony Abbott thoughts "Shallow or Real"or both?

Selected quotes from Tony Abbott’s book ‘Battlelines’

“Unlike Liberalism and socialism, conservatism(Coalition) does not start with an idea and construct a huge superstructure based on one insight or preference. … Conservatism starts with an appreciation of what is and what has been and tries to discern the good from patterns of conduct.(political speak for don't change)

Conservatism prefers facts to theory; practical demonstration to metaphysical abstraction, what works to what’s in the mind’s eye.(no imagination)

To a conservative intuition is as important as reasoning; instinct as important as intellect(the born to rule instinct)…Conservatives are not optimists or pessimists but realists”(very debatable)

“Love thy neighbour as you love yourself. That second commandment is rightly the whole basis of human ethics.”(no doubt politicians love themselves more than most)

“The problem is that most Western nations have privatised the next generation".
Having children is tends to be regarded as a personal choice rather than a social good.(Catholic doctrine obvious)

Perhaps for the first time in human history, large families are not seen as a sign of faith in the future or even as a provision against its perils but as a kind of trespass on the environment. 
(Realists? We live in the the year 2013, capitalism dictates family size, not faith!)

“To voters, health and education outrank unemployment, the environment, national security, tax, workplace relations and immigration (as important as they are).

 Voters seem to consider health and education more important than economic management, despite good economic management being a precondition for better hospitals and schools.
(so voters are so dumb they put health, and god forbid, education first, WOW how dumb are we!) 

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