24 Apr 2013



Peter Cosgrove is emerging as the man most likely to replace Australia's first female governor-general.(What has Anzac wars to do with him, not much.)

Christopher Pyne is playing politics again, why, nobody knows.

Most Australian would not oppose his appointment, however would this guy really like to be drawn into drivel about which history is important and which is not, I don't think so.

Now we have  Christopher Pyne saying that under a future Coalition government, its intent on putting the Anzac tradition above indigenous history.

What's the beef Christopher, has your brain stop working again, why are you suggesting the Anzac tradition is not placed well above indigenous history.

Ask almost anyone about indigenous history and the reply will be a blank look, what history?

Ask them about Anzac Day, everyone knows it's what it stands for.

General Cosgrove's name has emerged from a phantom political row that never existed, this is over Australia's next head of state, this is after the government has already ruled out any new appointee until after the election.

The vice-regal stoush came as opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne appeared to re-open the so-called ''history wars'' which raged during the Howard years.

He is attacking the school curriculum for putting Aboriginal and multicultural commemoration days on the same level as Anzac Day.

Anzac Day will never be replaced, unless with passing of time there are no more wars and that is hard to believe..

The national curriculum would be reviewed under a Coalition government, he said. ''The Coalition believes that, on balance, Australia's history is a cause for celebration,'' he said.

I'm sure we all agree on that score.

We must not allow a confidence-sapping 'black armband' view of our history to take hold, says Christopher.

Black armband view, Christpher what the hell are you taking about?

He suggests ''That history, while inclusive of indigenous history(he does recognize their existence), must highlight the pivotal role of the political and legal institutions from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.''

I'm sorry Christopher, I thought Anzac Day was about all Australians who have fought in conflicts everywhere.

England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales.'' have their own special days!

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