22 Apr 2013

Canberra Clubs carry proof of identification one step to far!

We're only 16 We're good at make up though!
Club policy on identification in the A.C.T.
Is a step to far!
Recently friends took an overseas visitor to a Canberra club, now the visitor was in their 50's. The person at the reception desk asked to see identification, a drivers license or some other form of identification.

Now the visitor as it happens does not drive and did not have a passport with them, (mind you the person wasn't sure a passport would be good enough) the person at the desk refused the visitor entry to the club, even though the visitor was accompanied by a club member who could vouch for them.
The club has a policy dictated by law,SO THEY SAY that they must see proof of identity for age, REALLY, no discretion at all!

If the proof of identity I am told is for the purposes of proof of age, why when someone is middle aged should they require proof at all.

Now I know that now most clubs have machines to swipe your license, but surely they have enough discretion or common sense to enable them  to bypass this system.

Do they really think that teenagers will masquerade as middle aged just to get a drink, what a load of rubbish!