14 Apr 2013


Heavy hands and heavy hearts.

Protesters could be arrested for "alarming or distressing" mourners at the funeral of Baroness Thatcher, a police chief in charge of security at the event has warned.
Commander Christine Jones warned that officers had power under the controversial section 5 of the Public Order Act to step in if non-violent action was the cause of "harassment, alarm or distress"(distress, come on, does that mean that if someone cries they will arrest people in the crowd)as Thatcher's coffin makes its way through London to St Paul's Cathedral.
A group of Liverpool football fans attending an away match against Reading sang: "Lets all do the conga, Thatcher is a gonna …" A banner in the stadium read: "You didn't care when you lied, we didn't care when you died."
Five arrests were made by the 1,700 police present. Around 3,000 people gathered in a rainy Trafalgar Square on Saturday night to "celebrate" Thatcher's death. The protest passed off relatively trouble-free 
Scotland Yard has already asked protesters planning to turn their backs on the coffin as the funeral carriage passes to let them know in advance.(perhaps they will have to have a permit to turn around)
The director of Liberty, said she was concerned that the police should focus on public order and not make judgement calls about manners.
Some will question the taste of funeral protests, while others will see them as inevitable at such a public political event.
The authorities however should have no role in policing people's manners, and it would be beyond tasteless if the memorial of any democratic leader prompted arrests of peaceful protesters and the strangling of dissent."
Heavy handed, is this the reminder of Thatcherism that people want cling to, I don't think so.

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