3 Apr 2013


Edited excerpts from a Heath Aston article
Liberal Party kingmaker Michael Photios is moving to Canberra

Liberal Party kingmaker Michael Photios is taking his political lobbying business to Canberra to cash in on an Abbott Coalition government.
He has registered the business name Capital Hill Advisory and is hiring two former Howard government aides to set up an office by June that will operate as a federal arm of his Sydney company PremierState.

He is a ''factional warlord'' and as such he should be banned from trading on his political connections and his continuing position on the Liberal state executive and he could pose a danger for Tony Abbott if he takes power in September.
His corporate clients could taint the Coalition with a smell similar to what's happening to NSW Labor with questionable favouritism towards his clients.

Among Mr Photios friends he counts Mr Abbott as a long-time friend
                                                                  Joe Hockey, who is the likely next treasurer
                                                                  Malcolm Turnbull
                                                                  Scott Morrison.

As the leader of a faction in the N.S.W. Liberals, Mr Photios has influenced countless preselections at state and federal level.This reminds me of the other side of politics in N.S.W.

Mr Photios is one of a long list of Liberal-aligned lobbyists preparing to trade on a Coalition government.
Mr Photios has fended off calls to stand down from the Liberals' state executive as PremierState has traded on access to ministers in the O'Farrell government, many of whom owe their political existence to him.

In two years, the company has gone from start-up to 30 corporate clients willing to pay up to $20,000 a month for access to the state government.

They include:
The Australian Hotels Association
Xstrata Coal
The NSW Minerals Council
Echo Entertainment, owner of Sydney's Star casino.

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