8 Apr 2013

Racism Hidden or just hiding

Racism is an infection of civilised society.
have Australians caught the disease
just Maybe! 

It is vile, revolting, and breeding well. It appears we aren't capable of eradicating it. It seems always to return, no matter what we do to stamp it out.

Do we need it, not on your life!

We've seen it with every wave of immigration, the races change but the words are always the same.

There have been plenty of reminders about this unfortunate fact of life. We all will remember the video footage of a racist attack directed at a young French student woman on a bus last year in Melbourne.

In Sydney during the Easter weekend we had a man on a city bus launched a racist tirade against an Asian family from Korea(who were on holiday here) The audience on the bus were unmoved, not willing to even show distaste at the ranting.

Then of course earlier this year, also in Sydney a newsreader Jeremy Fernandez copped racial abuse while on a bus with his young daughter.

Such episodes happen often on a daily basis, every incident that gets mentioned by someone on their mobile phone is noticed but what of the others?

Many others go unnoticed and undocumented. This time the video footage of racism does add a new dimension.

Where once it may have been possible to avoid ever seeing the nasty face of bigotry, it is no longer invisible.