10 Apr 2013

THATCHER IS DEAD, YES ITS TRUE.....mmmm...is the ISM still alive and well?

There was once a small planet that was called England, then once upon a time a strange being evolved, it was called a "Thatcher", it was very rare, none have been discovered since.

This "Thatcher" became all powerful and thence forth was known as the "Divine One" and she gathered many Thatcherites(believers) to her cause.

Thatcher changed the name of the planet that was once known as England to a new name one that better reflected her wishes, she changed its name to Englondonia.(the name Londengland was also considered)

"London" where the Divine One called "Thatcher" lived with her diciples was only a small area of the planet, however the Divine One decreed that the planet was to be divided into two sections one called North and the other London.

Now this was not a large planet, there was no geological formations that divided the two halves, yet the "Divine One" decreed that the smaller London part of the planet should have bestowed upon it all the riches of the whole planet.

The inhabitants of the North didn't like the arbitrary division of wealth in this way and rebelled.

The Divine One because of her supreme intellect brought the forces of righteousness called the police down upon the North.
The wrath of Thatcher was brought down upon them, and so, they were defeated mightily, they never really recovered from this terrible defeat.

As time came to pass the Divine One was dethroned, even her disciples rebelled against her and cast her out to the wilderness.

Once again the planet regained its proper name ENGLAND.

In the year 2013 the Divine One, (whom we now know is not immortal) was taken by a mere common stroke, one that other mere mortals die of, so even though we have been taught from childhood that she was immortal it was finally proved wrong.

There are still some Thatcherites in  England and some have even achieved high office, however it is doubtful if they will ever follow the teachings of the Divine One blindly, for they have seen that even being divine does not mean you will always win.

News Flash: 2013
Beware it is rumoured that a clandestine group of Thatcherites have infiltrated the Tory party and are trying to take control.