9 May 2013

September Election; Who will you vote for. Do we know what they stand for NO

Labor: their list of actual achievements stack up well.

Settling the supposedly unfixable Murray-Darling Basin wrangle (remember that?)

Building the NBN (ground breaking new age 21st century technology)

Reforming school funding (a work in progress)

Establishing paid parental leave for the first time

Reforming aged care

Investing more in rail than all previous governments

Initiating the mining tax(did not hurt the miners, nor raise much,as yet)

Saved us from the worst of the GFC (one of the of the only countries to do so)

Articulating a new foreign policy by balancing the divergent interests of the US, China, India and Indonesia

Becoming a world leader against the scourge of smoking through hard-fought reforms such as plain packaging of cigarettes

Initiating a royal commission on institutional sex abuse

Establishing a national disability insurance scheme -( itself a social and economic reform to rival any.)

 And nearly all of this within a toxic political culture and a minority parliament where the Coalition said no to every new initiative.

When the September 14 election comes I wonder, will anyone remember any of the good things they have done, probably not.

They, the electors have had the doom and gloom thrown at them by the Coalition and certain sections of the media continously, with no recognition given for anything they have done.

Australians have no idea of what the Coalition has to offer and they have had a free ride for the last few years, isn't it time we had some straight answers from the opposition, who are they and what are they offering?

Saying NO to everything is not policy, we need to see policy please.

All us mushrooms have been told is that they are going to implement a parental leave system that we can't afford, a system that values some children higher than others.