16 May 2013

The Dark side of the Coalition rears it's ugly head even before they win(if)

"Reds under the bed Communism and Sexism" 

  • From:The Australian 

  • The dilemmas of teaming up with the enemy

    A ROMANCE with union leader Paul Howes is believed to have been a factor in Qantas's decision yesterday to strip high-profile executive Olivia Wirth of her responsibility for government relations.
    The move is widely seen as smoothing relations with the Coalition but Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce denied the relationship was a factor in the decision and said it resulted from an internal review of marketing and branding.
    "This is a promotion for Olivia," he said. "It's an opportunity for Olivia to be a central point for all marketing and corporate coms. That's a huge job and it isn't anything to do with her relationship with Paul Howes . . . She's been managing that extremely professionally . . . and we absolutely don't believe there's any issue there."
    While Qantas has compensated Ms Wirth with an expanded job, The Australian understands the decision follows private complaints to Qantas figures from Coalition MPs about Ms Wirth's relationship with the head of the Australian Workers Union.
    But one aviation insider told The Australian the decision had "sexist" overtones, and queried whether a man would be removed under similar circumstances.The complaints heightened concern held by some conservative members of the Qantas board that the issue could be problematic for the airline under a Coalition government.

    Here we go big brother politics already!
    Is this the first sign of the extreme Right's secret police in action, sounds like and looks like McCarthyism. Is this a duck or isn't it?
    Beware of what they think you think!

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