27 May 2013

What brand is this?

Branding and brand names
Now we all know certain common brand names, so I am posing a few questions and I would like you to tell me the name of the brands I'm describing with these questions and answers.

  1. They use focus groups to test new product.
  2. They take frequent surveys of potential buyers.
  3. They advertise their brand at every opportunity.
  4. They often overstate their product.
  5. Their products are often not thoroughly tested.
  6. The final cost of their product is often hidden in fine print.
  7. They often use actors to promote product they don't believe in.
  8. They often apologize for late delivery because of unforeseen circumstances.
  9. Often they exaggerate the benefits.
  10. They always promise the next model will be better.
Answers clue
They are brands associated with the Australian Parliament, if you nominate only one brand your wrong!

Th answer is...........EVERY PARTY IN PARLIAMENT
Why.......................The all promise the same benefits with no further payment for three years!

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