23 Jun 2013

Abbott says, you better believe it? Really...Once upon a time there was a fairy at the bottom of the garden????

Yes it's the last week of Parliament before the election, and things are getting weirder!
For a start, Tony Abbott has quite suddenly gone all loving and caring on us.
At the end of Question Time, he jumped up and launched into a big speech about the need for niceness in public debate.
Yep this is the same he, Tony Abbott.  He spoke of the need to unify the country, what rubbish, his party has spent the last few years trying to split the country.
He lamented the fact that there was “too much venom” in the Parliament and in the wider political sphere. About Australia’s need for a leader who would heal the divisions, if they had come from someone else we might believe it. Pushing it a bit Tony, come on!
This is Tony Abbott here not some angel, the fierce warrior of student politics, with his violent outbursts. The health minister who insulted the integrity of a man dying of asbestos-related illness. The most unremittingly negative and obstructive Opposition leader in our collective memory.
His appeal for niceness should be set against his personal behaviour and against the behaviour of those he leads, his leadership has turned the behaviour of parliament into a joke.
He, Tony  Abbott is the anointed leader of the nasty party, the titular head of the nastiest examples of disrespect that has ever been shown to our parliament.