24 Jun 2013

Q&A.....Tony Abbott is missing in action or he hasn't got the bottle

1,043 days since Tony Abbott has appeared on the ABC's Q&A.
 He last attended on 16 August 2010, a week before the election.
Abbott is, of course, not obligated to appear on the show; he is a free citizen and can opt not to be sat down in front of Australian voters and answer their questions. But he did say “I am trying to be as open and as accessible to the Australian people as I possibly can be and I suggest the prime minister should do the same.” So it happens, openness and accessibility can be measured – and I would rate a 1,043 day absence quite poor in terms of accessibility (since the last election, Julia Gillard has made four appearances). 
His absence is not for the lack of ABC initiative, either. A Freedom of Information request has revealed that between Abbott’s last appearance and this February, 26 emails requesting his attendance were exchanged between the ABC and Abbott’s office.
It's obvious that he isn't game, he doesn't mind door stops because he knows that he won't be asked hard questions.
When it comes to taking it on the chin he bottles it, I wonder as PM, what he will do, continue to bluff it through or suddenly show some gumption.
He once did some boxing, I wonder did he always choose the weakest  opponent.
Abbott’s Q&A absence could be part of a conscious election strategy to avoid both the articulation of his policies and scrutiny, thus avoiding being burnt by an audience’s piercing questions.
Being held into account for an hour is not fun when you’re trying to take the Lodge by stealthy silence. 

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