30 Jun 2013

The Stalking of Julia Gillard...Fact or Fiction, a bit of both.

This Book

The Stalking of Julia Gillard is slightly biased in favour of Julia, well not slightly it is extremely biased toward her and definitely anti Rudd.

This is the story about one of the most extraordinary episodes in recent Australian political history.

It focuses on Team Rudd but it underestimates the media and Coalitions's treatment and their slow-death campaign of destabilisation, with its disastrous effect on Gillard and the government's functioning.

Also it doesn't seem to understand how affective the Coalitions attack on her personally fed the press pack every day with more ammunition.

It is about a politician who was never given a fair go; not in the media, not by Rudd, not by some in caucus.The Rudd camp maybe can be forgiven after what happened to them.

The press and the Coalition can never be forgiven, their combined attacks have turned parliament into a joke and demeaned the office of prime minister. they have probably turned off any female who ever thought of entering politics.

As for this book, read it, make up your own mind, but remember this is politics, it's a very dirty game and every parliamentarian has to play the game.

Julia Gillard was mercilessly and relentlessly lampooned for her hair, clothes, accent, her arse, even the way she walks and talks.

Was her treatment unfair, yes, should it have happened no!