28 Jul 2013

A three star general as opposed to two star general


Accept for the name Operation Sovereign Borders, which sounds a bit like a comic book title, what is the difference between the Coalition and the government, the same resources different name.
This is joke!!

We've all heard of Captain America and now we are to have a Captain(General)Australia who's mere presence will stop  the boats.

Mind you, I think this would be a poison challis for whoever the general is that takes it on, because the Coalition is setting this three star to take the blame if anything goes wrong.
One central control is the magic word, and they will make it his baby, dirty nappies and all.

Lets face it neither side has an easy answer to this problem, they are both playing politics.

No solution will work without both parties support, this is not a game we should be using to score points against the other side.