30 Jul 2013

Coalition pledges to over run Nauru with asylum seekers

Coalition pledges Giant tent city for tiny Nauru

THE Coalition is planning to establish a tent city on Nauru to hold thousands of asylum-seekers under a commitment lasting at least five years, escalating the policy fight on border protection as Labor prepares to transfer detainees to Papua New Guinea as soon as tonight.
An Abbott government would build the new camp to take at least between 2000 and 5000 people while finding locations for thousands more in a major policy move that would give asylum-seekers "no guarantee" of settlement in Australia.
Nauru is the world's smallest republic, great idea this island covers just 21 square kilometres (8.1 sq mi). With approx.9,378 residents, it is the second least-populated country after Vatican City.

Is this for real, they going to dump thousands on the smallest Republic in the world.
How desperate are they to be different to the government, wow,what a good idea to treat this tiny neighbour this way.

A logistics company that stands to profit from the Coalition's "tent city" on Nauru funded the trip of its immigration spokesman Scott Morrison and a journalist and photographer from News Corporation to the remote island to announce the plan.

The trip to Nauru was facilitated by Toll Holdings, which has multimillion-dollar contracts already to help handle asylum seekers and is eager for more business in the area.
Other news outlets were not invited to travel with Mr Morrison