20 Jul 2013


Tony Abbott can feel the hot breath on his neck and it's not from a lover.
Murmuring can be heard in the ranks, his people are wondering if he is about to loose the un-loosable election because Kevin Rudd is now dictating the agenda for this election.

Then there is MALCOLM Turnbull, is he starting to test the wind.
He says he knows many people would prefer he lead the Liberal Party rather than Tony Abbott, but that they should vote for the party anyway, even if they hate Tony.
(A big ask Malcolm)

He's ruled out having a tilt at the leadership, despite polls showing he was far more popular than the current opposition leader and as the federal Labour government under Kevin Rudd closes the gap between the parties, questions about Tony's campaigning are being asked.

Tongue cheek he says "There are a lot of people out there who would rather I was leading the Liberal Party; it is ridiculous to deny that that's not happening."
"If they think I am a person of capability and quality and so forth, they should be comforted by the fact that I am part of that team in a senior leadership position."
Malcolm we would like to believe you but that back flip on the NBN showed us that you are being dictated to by Tony.

So Malcolm you may be at the top table but you don't set the table and until you decide to sit at the head of the table where you belong we'll all be loosers.