2 Jul 2013

Economic refugees,yes, how many, don't know!

Are there economic refugees among asylum seekers
How many of those landing in Australia are doing so for economic reasons, my guess is quite a few.

Why do I assume this, well the main reason is the amount they are prepared to pay for the trip and also the fact that many of them deliberately destroy or loose their papers that indicate where they come from.

Genuine refugees would think proof of where they come from was essential to obtain refugee status, so why do some loose their papers.
To use the argument that they didn't want to be found with their papers by their home countries does not stand up, because if they are able to secrete large enough amounts of money to pay for their trip why can't they also keep their papers.
A lot of these people have been bankrolled by their families in the knowledge that once in Australia they will be able to follow, its an investment.

No, a certain number of these people are not true refugees and they are taking the place of genuine people who have been stuck in camps for years.

Economic refugees have turned the UN refugee system into a joke, the real people who need help are those who work for almost nothing just to make enough money for the trip and also have their papers, or those that have lingered in camps for years.

It's about time Australians woke up that the definitions being used by the UN are broken and need fixing!