30 Jul 2013

Education: Playing with school funding, a sick joke!


Victoria and Queensland are yet to sign up to the new funding model, while Western Australia and the Northern Territory governments say they will not implement the new system. 

South Australian schools will receive an additional $3bn; Tasmania an extra $1.1bn; the ACT an additional $655 million while the Northern Territory has walked away from an additional $985m.

Queensland schools stand to gain the biggest injection of funding, $16.5bn over six years on top of 2013 funding levels, including an extra $3.8bn to lift the state's schools to the resource standard prescribed under the new model, they also are considering walking away from $20.3bn. 
NSW schools receive the second largest boost in funding, worth $15.1bn over six years, followed by Victoria, $14.7bn.
Western Australia who have also walked away from the deal will loose $9.2bn.

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