15 Jul 2013

Kevin Rudd and John Howard are on same page while Tony Abbott has lost his place in this test side.

Kevin Rudd and John Howard on the same page as far as Carbon Emissions Trading system.

Yes not long ago in Tony Abbott's recent past under Howard he was all for Emissions trading because he is strong on letting the market decide on price.

Now we have a Tony that doesn't like the idea, or so he says(I'll abolish carbon tax), well if you listen to what he really says. He will introduce another type of system that we tax payer will pay for in full not businesses but us.
His new system will replace the old, how much we will pay is unknown.

Yes his alternate system is based on us paying for businesses to become cleaner, no incentives for them to do it except a big open cheque from us the average voter, is this a complete con, yes.

We the voters will pay miners and others millions to clean up their act, something they should have been doing years ago. The Coalition as usual will have us the voters pay, while they give their mates, big business the tax breaks.