5 Jul 2013

Pink Bats is a step to far for the blame game!

I am personally sorry for the loss of young lives but to score political points on the subject is disgusting.

How the federal government could be held to account for young deaths that occurred installing insulation is beyond me.
State governments approve builders and contractors, they are the ones that licence them.

Maybe I'm dumb but surely they, the state governments should be held responsible.

If I lived in any of the states involved I would be very worried about the policing of licencing overall because if they aren't controlled properly how could anyone associated with building work be relied upon to carry out the work in a safe and proper manner.

There are good builder and contractors that are appalled by this behaviour because it gives them all a bad name.

Shonkey builders and contractors are always in the news, why because they are not policed, is this the federal governments responsibility. no its the states