23 Jul 2013

Premier Campbell Newman wants to move Papua New Guinea further away.

Newman must believe in fairies
and things unbelievable 

I am not making this up, fair suck of the sauce bottle.

Premier Campbell Newman says, "QUEENSLAND will face a new wave of asylum seekers trying to escape Papua New Guinea."PNG will become a ''launching pad'' for asylum seekers to island hop across the Torres Strait to Queensland.

It will be a wave of additional ongoing immigration from PNG into Queensland, either legal or illegal,'' Mr Newman said.

Mr Newman says.''You can go from PNG into Queensland across the Strait in a row boat.''
Has Mr Newman ever crossed between PNG and Queensland by boat, I don't think so because this stretch of water is extremely dangerous because of the currents caused at the change of tides.

Campbell Newman appears to be objecting to the geographic location of Papua New Guinea. It's been there for a long time.''Now according to Campbell its to close.

Why would people island hop to Australia, just to be returned to PNG. Campbell pull the other one mate and get real.