5 Jul 2013


Kevin Rudd has once again shown us how diplomacy works, can you imagine Tony Abbott doing the same, I don't think so.
Indonesia has recognized that refugees are a regional problem and has suggested a meeting of the regional players to try and come up with a solution.
Tony Abbott's solution is to turn back the boats, this will solve the problem, sorry Tony the problem is bigger than that, going back to the past will not solve it!
The problem requires a new approach, a long overdue appraisal that will require our neighbours cooperation.
A fresh approach is needed rather than slogans for political gain.
Tony Nil ---Rudd 1
Why would I suggest the above score, well we have yet to see any positive ideas from Tony, I can't believe he hasn't any new ideas, so why isn't he showing us something, anything, come on Tony give it your best shot.
I'm not suggesting your all huff and puff, so give us electors something to look at other than slogans.

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