8 Aug 2013

Abbott and Murdock just good friends or are they sleeping together?

"Freedom of speech is not equal for all"

In 2011, Murdoch met Abbott 
He then told his editors he liked him(we all know what he meant).
His newspapers (a couple of which had actually supported Labor in the 2010 election) thereafter they campaigned strongly against the Labor government, particularly on the issues of asylum seekers and climate change.
Some regard newspapers as dinosaurs, but this is mistaken they are read by many people who are loyal to certain newspapers, in other words they trust their papers to tell the truth.
Remember Murdock has  70% of the Australian market
Murdock's Newspapers continue to set a daily agenda, particularly in politics and they reflect Rupert's personal beliefs.
Their polls even suggest a bias when compared with other polls.
These newspapers are responsible for the majority of online news which in turn feeds blogs and social media.
Radio and television feed off newspaper coverage, its like an echo chamber, particularly in small state capitals.
During election campaigns, the day starts early when the party strategists review the morning's newspapers and plan their campaign accordingly, so someone who has 70% of the newspapers can have a huge influence.