5 Aug 2013

Abbott says believe me I've changed,TRUST ME!


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has pledged that he will never head up a minority government, should Australian voters deliver a hung parliament again.

In a bid to get voters to make a definite choice for the Liberal and National parties.

In his first address after the federal election was called for September 7, Mr Abbott said that if the vote resulted in a hung parliament, he would not put his hand up to be prime minister.

This in contrast to his previous position when he tried to bribe Mr Wilkie with the offer of $1 billion for a new hospital, as for the other Independents, I guess we'll never know what was offered.

He's trying to have us believe he wouldn't do it again to gain power.

Tony, Tony, Tony even my dog doesn't believe that mate.

''There's a commitment that I want(hope you believe) to give you … There will not be deals done with independents and minor parties under any political movement that I lead,''he says.

This is politics, to gain power is the name of the game and both parties will do what it takes to win.

Honesty is not a word I would associate with political campaigns.