28 Aug 2013

Bowl a no ball..Elect a MINORITY GOVERNMENT AGAIN..Say no to Majors they take us for granted all the time.

It’s time!
Yes it's time we asked what an Abbott-Murdoch government would hold in store for us in this 21st century Australia.
A Rudd government has forgotten to wash it's hands as often as it should, however a viral infection in NSW has rekindled their interest in hygiene and they now have an overwhelming desire to be clean.
Yes we only have a few short days left to decide the matter over which we have some agency. 
I think it will be a grim experiment when the keys to the executive wash room of our modern state are handed to global mining, media and petrochemical companies.
First act will be to dispose Clean Energy Act, allow it to be forcibly dismantled at the hands of the coal and gas industries.
The long-overdue surge of investment in renewable power stations will be deliberately crippled even as the weather turns implacably more hostile.
Meanwhile the rich ladies on the gold plated parental leave will be holidaying in some resort with their new born.
How about we just hang the numbers again and vote not for parties but people, the people that work hard for us, that's what MP's are supposed to do, we should come first, not just the inner circle of head office.
Why not serve up another minority government, yes voters of Australia, yes we can.
That way parliament retains its role as a debating and negotiating space? The last time one political formation held all the cards in your parliament, Work Choices and the terror laws happened.
Under minority government even though we didn't much like it, many good things were done, unfortunately most of us forgot the good policies and were sucked in by the negative campaign.
Anyway I suggest we do it again, why, just to put a rocket up the major parties and prove to them that they can't take us for granted

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