16 Aug 2013


Joe Hockey's refusal to rule out Coalition cuts to health and education indicates that there is something fishy going on.
Why won't they tell us the voters, are they so confident of winning that they can take the voters for granted.
I feel a black hole coming on, it will be a beautiful big one. It will be big enough for them to scrap a lot of their policies.
They invented black holes and they wheel them out at every election.
Hockey's comments came after Tony Abbott confirmed he will not release the Coalition's full costings until the last week of the campaign.
When Mr Hockey was asked whether he'd rule out cuts to health and education if the Coalition wins the September 7 election he said “I'm not going to give any on-the-run guarantees, I don't do that,” he replied.
Indeed this is a “remarkable admission” and gave us a glimpse into the Coalition's budget plans.
Australian families have a lot to be worried about, education, health, including aged care are just some they are destined to implement. If the hole is large enough they will use the GST card, they know that all the states will go along with it willingly. 
Mr Hockey also said the Coalition would wait until close to the end of the campaign to release its policy costings.
“Over the next three weeks, we'll roll out our agenda, as is appropriate, as has always happened in every election from both parties, and we'll reveal our costings then,” he told the Seven Network's Sunrise program.
Mr Abbott last night said the Coalition would keep putting out policies until the last week of the campaign.
Wow, how kind of them, so we will have a week to analyze in depth the figures, how kind. Even economists will battle to properly guide us through the mathematical mire in such a short time.

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