4 Aug 2013

Election: Zero Contracts considered by Coalition, copying the UK Coalition.


Zero-hours contracts (Not work Choices) 
"By working on zero contract hours you are incapable of organising a functioning family life. Your ability to keep your promise to be at your children's school production or watch your nine-year-old son's first football game becomes secondary to your employers' whims."
How can people be expected to live their lives in such a way? Well the Coalition thinks so!

You won't know what your working day will be, and you will have no sick pay or holiday pay. While there are a small number of people to whom these types of contract might be suitable as they can bring some additional flexibility they are not suitable for the average worker.

This is all about the Coalitions obsession with productivity and surpluses, its all about profit for their buddies who have dug deep into their pockets to fund them in this election.

Concerns that zero-hours contracts are will be abused and used to undermine employment guidelines is why the Coalition is seriously looking at them, because they hate the unions and wuold dearly like to see them disappear.

They are not considering the problems they can cause for people employed under them  or the wider impact on the economy.
The systematic use of such contracts, is terribly worrying. It can send a signal that the company is not concerned about holding on to staff or investing in or training employees, and this could have knock-on effects on service standards.

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