18 Aug 2013

Miss television for a night to attend a forum??

Paul Malone:Edited by SWT Read
Miss television for a night
To attend a forum of political candidates in a marginal seat?

It's not that you are better informed after attending,oh no.

What you learn is how many nuts are out there. You will not all agree on which ones are the nuts, but you can rest assured that if you attend, you will find some people whose views you think are off the planet.

Weather it be the Palmer United Party candidate, The Save the Planet candidate, The Country Alliance, or the Australian Sex Party and Australian Christian party.

Whatever your taste, one is sure to get up your nose or just make you laugh out loud.

Guess what, the majority of these minority nominees say what they think.(shock horror)

So the Australian Christian candidate, Alan Barron, told voters at a forum in the most marginal seat in Australia - Corangamite - that they should not worry about saving the planet. The planet could take care of itself. People should instead aim to be at one with God.

The Palmer United Party man, Buddy Rojek, was pleased to say he got an A-plus in environmental science back in '92, he said he had found a book "about this thick" to back his views and he had a theory that climate change was driven by urban development and black pavements on roads which trapped heat.

Jayden Millard from the Australian Sex Party was happy to tell us that his mum and dad were in the audience. He waved to them.

The candidates' forum of about 100 people had an audience of 100 per cent committed voters. There were no swingers to be won there.

So was it all worth while, or just a waste of time, no! It shows that there are still a lot of committed people out there, all with causes of their own.

A healthy Democracy, I'm not so sure, the people that attended probably thought so, I myself am not so sure. I base that on the fact that certain newspapers are blatantly one sided, and therefore people are not always given the correct facts with which to make an educated choice about who to vote for.
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