29 Aug 2013

Natural Attrition 600 jobs a month? Come on 600 people will want to leave in the first month, pull the other one Tony! Humbug!

Noel Towell Canberra Times


The Coalition plans to start axing federal public service jobs just three weeks after it is elected.

A Tony Abbott-led government will then need to cut more than 660 jobs a month between October and June next year as it looks to move quickly to lock in its projected savings.

Correspondence between the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) and senior Coalition front benchers shows that the axe will fall on public service jobs in just over a month if Mr Abbott wins government.

The documents, which have been used to underpin Coalition costings, confirm the target of 6000 positions to be axed between October 1, 2013, and June 30, 2014, with the opposition still insisting that the cuts will be achieved through natural attrition.

The Coalition believes its first tranche of cuts will be enough to reach its ambitious target of saving $303 million this financial year if it forms government after the September 7 election.

When I squeeze hard enough you'll want to leave.
We call it natural Attrition.

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