20 Aug 2013

States will not pay for gold plated parental leave!

Do we need gold plated leave for the well off.
 States say no,no,no!

The only people who will benefit from the proposed gold leave pass will be well off city dwellers, it will not benefit country people.
So a farmers wife is about to have a child, does she take time off to spend six months of nurturing, never she just can't. Instead of this gold plated gift for the city rich women why not make free child care available for six months, or child care tax deductible, it would be far more equal for all, city and country people.

No this deal has never been really thought through, it is designed for the cities not country Australia. Its all about making Tony Abbott look more caring and hiding his hang up with strong women.

TONY Abbott has come under fire from premiers from both sides of politics for assuming they will contribute to his $5.5 billion parental leave scheme amid a wider fight about whether the costings for his policy add up.
West Australian Liberal Premier Colin Barnett said the scheme was too generous and, although his state would co-operate, it wouldn't contribute any money.
South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill rebuked the Opposition Leader for announcing a plan that needed state funds to work, and declared he would not make any commitment to help pay for the federal scheme.
And Tasmanian Premier Lara Giddings slammed the "ill thought out" Coalition scheme and said her state could not countenance returning any "savings" on parental leave to Canberra.
The Premier's comments came as Jeff Kennett declared that Mr Abbott's paid parental leave scheme was an "extraordinary extravagance" and must be means tested. 

The former Victorian premier predicted it would be manipulated by families who had a baby for the benefit of full pay without working rather than because they wanted one.

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