28 Sept 2013

Australia new mice have to learn to play.

Now its quite a while since the mice(Coalition) came out to play.

Now the mice have been given a lot of new toys to play with, so the Top mouse for the Coalition has divided the toys up among the other mice and he kept some of the special toys for himself.

The top mouse thought the other mice were more than capable of taking care of the toys he had given them because they didn't need to worry about the (Labor)Opposition anymore, after all they won the election didn't they.

So he relaxed, then to his horror he found that some of the mice were making a terrible racket squeaking to the press and generally making his job harder. He was surprised at their behaviour, because they were all well behaved when they were the Opposition,what was he to do.

He gathered the well behaved mice around him and he decided that the other mice who were doing all the squealing would have to wear muzzles until they learnt how to behave.

Now the (Labor)Opposition who'd been away on rehabilitation leave, checked their emails one morning and found out just how much trouble the Top mouse was in and they laughed with relief and when they read the budget papers, they couldn't believe their luck. They had been afraid that while there were away, the mice, especially the Top mouse would have a ball.

They had an idea that all these new toys that the mice had would go to their heads and it seemed as though they had. The mice had apparently found a large sledge hammer and were using it to drive in large nails instead of using a small hammer and small nails to build their new budget.

Anyway the (Labor)opposition realised this situation wouldn't last long and that eventually the mice would wake up and reach a compromise on their budget policies so they decided to come early in the new term.
We don't know how this story will pan out, because the mice are clever little devils
 and if they get it together they might keep all the toys for a long time.

Scott Morrison. This Admiral may be big, but big on diplomacy

Commander of the High 
Rear-Admiral Scott Morrison
I thought they were talking about another part of his body.
I do hope he never becomes Foreign Minister

27 Sept 2013

They say Canberra is boringly different,WELL? This is different!

Fork stuck inside a man's penis after bizarre sexual mishap
70 year old man wanted sexual gratification

Michael Inman, Christopher Knaus:Edited by S.W.T Read

Canberra doctors removed a 10-centimetre fork from inside an elderly man's penis after a bizarre sexual mishap.
The 70-year-old arrived at the Canberra Hospital emergency department with a bleeding sexual organ.
He told doctors he had inserted the 10cm dining fork into his urethra almost 12 hours earlier in an attempt to achieve sexual gratification.
But the utensil became stuck.
The fork was not visible but doctors were able to feel it from the outside and X-rays showed its position.
Doctors considered several retrieval options before deciding to pull the fork free using forceps and "copious lubrication" while the patient was under a general anaesthetic.
The elderly patient was then sent home.
The medical emergency was so rare the team of three doctors published the case in The International Journal of Surgery last month.
The paper, titled "An Unusual Urethral Foreign Body", said it was rare to see objects lodged in the lower urinary tract.
It went on to list strange objects found inside other parts of the body, including needles, pencils, wire, allen keys, toothbrushes, light bulbs, thermometers, plants and vegetables, leeches, snakes, cocaine and glue.
"It is apparent that the human mind is uninhibited let alone creative," the authors wrote.
An x-ray of the dining fork, stuck.
IMAGINE THIS,Noooooooooo!

"I couldn't make up this story"
I think I'll just stay my boring old self.

26 Sept 2013

Tony Abbott does a Kevin Rudd, is this an incarnation of sorts.

Kevin, oh no, I mean Tony, gags his ministers.
I thought he told us he's not going to be a one man show?

Tony Abbott, who once described Kevin Rudd as a ''hyper-control freak'' for his autocratic media management, has done a Kevin Rudd and gagged his own ministers from media interviews without prior approval from the Prime Minister's office.

The communications clampdown was issued hours after Education Minister Christopher Pyne dropped a bomb in an interview with Fairfax Media the government's agenda to take an axe to the university sector.

Then there was the Immigration Minister Scott Morrison announcing that asylum seeker boat arrivals would be behind a curtain of censorship.
Mr Abbott already declared he'd ''take politics off the front page''.

Now he appears to be putting his foot down, loose tungues and all that.

Mr Abbott's senior press secretary, James Boyce has now informed ministerial staff that all requests for interviews, right down to ABC local outlets, must be vetted by Kate Walshe who is in charge of communications in Mr Abbott's office.

"All media co-ordination and requests should go through Kate first. This covers all national media interviews on television, radio and print. This includes any ABC local radio or ABC television interviews, the Sunday program, Sky News, and metropolitan print media longer-format interviews, etc,'' he wrote.

"With any regular appearances on shows first having been coordinated through Kate at least the day before."

By the way if Tony starts flicking his hair we'll be worried!

25 Sept 2013

Vladimir Putin for governor of Alabama. Wow! is this a story!


Vladimir Putin is a perfect Alabama politician, or could be, he's a breathing beefcake example of one.

He's a macho man who loves his guns. He loves to confound President Obama. And Putin is so anti-gay he makes Mohammad Alli look like Liberace.

In Russia, anyone suspected of being homosexual or pro-gay can be put in jail.

We're not sure when these anti-gay feelings flamed up, but it's said Putin was "really weirded out" when President George W. Bush looked into his eyes and saw his soul.

"If I had a lab for making political candidates," said one of Alabama's least-known, most secretive political consultants, "I'd make every batch from the Putin recipe. He's beautiful!"

"How ever the Russian thing is a problem," he said , admiring the of smoke above his head as he puffed a cigarette.

"With the right political consultant ... are Alabamians ready for the real deal – a Russian candidate? Putin may be a little too red even for this exceptional red state.

If a full moon was rising I'd believe this, however it's just an average night so I'll leave this story for you to judge.

Christopher Pyne has developed amnesia it seems. Although not confirmed by the medical profession as yet.

Short term memory loss is one of the first signs of the illness
Selective memory loss which is rampant among Coalition members.

The Coalition is considering reintroducing a cap on university places despite emphatically ruling it out last year while in opposition.
The minister for education, Christopher Pyne, has confirmed he is considering reintroducing the cap on university places as well as abolishing the compulsory fee paid by students to fund campus services and scrapping the targets that were introduced by Labor to allow more disadvantaged students to enter university.
Pyne last year rejected reports that the Coalition would reintroduce university caps if they won government.
"Reports that this is being considered are wrong. In fact, the Coalition strongly supported the uncapping of university place," Pyne said at the time.
"While we welcome debate over the quality and standards in our universities, we have no plans to increase fees or cap places."
And so say all of us, come on, we'll just call it an untruth, I suppose and we are likely to hear many more similar problems in the future because this illness is rampant among Coalition members at the moment.
Well it's said that you do all the unpalatable things in the first year you are elected, because we idiot voters have short memories, we'll have to wait and see about that assumption.
It all depends on which way the wind blows!

Australia's early days of a Coalition government are like 'Happy Days' who plays the Fonz?

Have we changed government to end up with a conservative, conservative government.
One that's going to take us back to the fifties? 

The first days actions were to sack technocrats guilty of having worked with the enemy, then to hide climate change by sacking experts to discourage all discussion of it.

Next cab off the rank is to stop allowing the public from knowing about boat arrivals.

Then announcing the building of more motorways, (while ignoring the rail option) and moving to a cut-price national broadband network.
Wow! what kind of forward thinking are they displaying, it is indeed mind blowing.

Then of course its obvious that they are taking anything science tells us as mere background noise.

Early days, yes of course but and there's more!
'If you buy now you get one free'

There's not much more, oh, by the way they're abolishing the onerous tax on our impoverished global mining companies and getting rid of red and green tape. (doing away with consultations with the public and any environmental oversight)

Of course then there's beating up the Tax Office for being too diligent in making small business pay its tax.

Guess what even Tony Abbott has already indicated that balancing the budget has been abandoned.(he's apparently not the real Fonz)

Now we know there's more to economy policy than balancing the budget and it's ensuring that we have the infrastructure, this includes our human capital to ensure our future prosperity.

Conservative governments still see education expenditure as an expense, or even as a welfare entitlement.
We await with interest this governments attitude to education.


23 Sept 2013

We desperately need a Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics?

Do we need a Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics? Do we ever!

 To begin to rehabilitate politics
Over the past decade or so politics has won for itself a very poor reputation. One of the most important positions in the new government will be the Minister for the Rehabilitation of Politics.

She will lead national action to return politics to the situation in which it can again be respected and taken seriously. She will give the Productivity Commission a reference on  The nature of truth in public policy, the meaning of a political mandate and the Keynesian Principle of Altered Circumstances.

 A Summit will be called in the first 100 days at which parliamentarians and media representatives will chart a new course for interviews relating to public policy matters, using the interview between Kerry O’Brien and Clive James as a case study in how true opinions may be decently canvassed.

Legislation will be introduced under which harsh penalties will be meted out to workers in the media who rush along as if no matter is important enough to spend real time on.

Those who engage in ‘gotcha moments’; who interrupt their interlocutor; and who willfully misrepresent any matter, however important, on a front page will be severely dealt with.
Within 100 days the public will again trust and like their politicians and the political process.

Policy issues – big and small – will be discussed in pubs and restaurants the length and breadth of the land, and all of those who spoiled their ballots on 7 September will feel slightly ashamed.

Once fully operational we will no longer hear of hair colour, the size of a rear end, clothing descriptions or swimming and cycling attire. Will not that be something to look forward to, yes, yes we can, can't we.

Christmas Island, says a total news blackout would prevent 2,000 Australians from speaking freely.

I might consider quitting says administrator

The administrator, Jon Stanhope, has said he would consider quitting the post if the Abbott government tried to gag residents from talking about asylum seeker arrivals.

Christmas islanders would be treated as second class citizens being denied the right of free speech by a government that has espoused openness in government.
The government said it would release weekly information about asylum seeker boat arrivals, abandoning the previous government's practice of informing Australians and the media every time a boat reached Australia.
The minister Scott Morrison, says keeping close control of information about boat arrivals denies people smugglers the opportunity to exploit such announcements.
Australian's rights are not to be considered at all, come on Mr Abbott pull your minister of his perch.
Christmas Island residents, who told media on Sunday about the arrival of a boat carrying about 30 people have already tested this stupid ruling.
Mr Stanhope said he had not been told of any information blackout policy.
They have not been advised of any government policy relating to announcements or information about boats arriving here on Christmas Island.
"I find it absolutely remarkable that there could be a policy in place that would seek to prevent 2,000 Australians that live on Christmas Island from talking about what happens here."he said.
He said if he was given a directive not to speak freely about boat arrivals he "would seriously have to consider my position".
Mr Stanhope said there had been a noticeable decline in the rate of boat arrivals over the past month.
"I have absolutely no doubt that the new policies are having an effect," he said.
Morrison is expected to give his first media briefing on boat arrivals today, we will wait and see if he confirms a black out on free speech on Christmas island.

Tackling climate change 'would save millions of lives' and not cost as much!

 Cleaner air from tackling climate change 'would save millions of lives' and not cost as much as thought.

The benefits of a reduction in air pollution alone justify action on climate change, say the authors of a new report

Tackling climate change would save millions of lives a year by the end of the century purely as a result of the decrease in air pollution, according to a new study.
The study is published as scientists from around the globe gather in Stockholm to thrash out final details of a landmark assessment of climate science. Their final report is due to be released on Friday 27 September and will set out projections of wide-ranging impacts of global warming from droughts to floods to sea-level rise.
The research suggests that the benefits of cuts to air pollution from curbing fossil-fuel use justify action alone – even without other climate impacts such as more extreme weather and sea-level rise.
"It is pretty striking that you can make an argument purely on health grounds to control climate change," said Jason West, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, whose work is published in Nature Climate Change.
West's team compared two futures, one in which climate change is stabilised by aggressive cuts in greenhouse gas emissions and one in which emissions are not curbed. The scientists then modelled how this affected air pollutants and the consequent effects on health.
They found that 300,000-700,000 premature deaths a year would be avoided in 2030, 800,000 – 1.8 million in 2050 and 1.4 million to 3 million in 2100. By mid-century, the world's population is expected to peak at around 9 to 10 billion.
A key finding was that the value of the health benefits delivered by cutting a tonne of CO2 emissions was $50-$380, greater than the projected cost of cutting carbon in the next few decades. The benefits do not accrue from reductions in CO2 per se but because of associated pollutants released from burning fossil fuels.
It is possible to reduce pollutants in fossil fuel emissions more cheaply without switching to low carbon sources of power – for example with scrubbers on coal plants that remove NOx and SOx; or by cars switching from diesel to petrol – but the authors say it is striking that the value of health benefits outweigh the costs of cutting carbon.

Is Abbott aproach right:-Direct action?


Food for thought. Insects on line, the mouth waters at the thought!

  • Online gifts  include sour cream grasshoppers, bacon & cheese dung beetles, and wasabi crickets
By MIA DE GRAAF: Edited by S W T Read
They are now a must have. if you wish to impress.
These stomach-churning critters are now a high end delicacy, bugs are now the must-have nibble in any kitchen.
The cost just £25 a tin, and not a large tin at that, dinner party hosts are spoilt for choice of flavours - from sour cream grasshoppers and bamboo worms to onion dung beetles.

Feeling peckish?: Crickets, worms and dung beatles could soon become a staple part of our diet
Want to feel that crunch, feeling peckish?
Crickets, worms and dung Beatles could soon become a staple part of the Britts diet.

Other baked bug bites on offer include seaweed flavoured scorpions, wasabi crickets and queen weaver ants.

Why are they going for this stuff, well it's all about TV, yes a show called  I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here.

Apparently the contestants would force down kangaroo testicles and spiders to earn a proper meal.

It seems, the Britt's liked the show and it brought to surface their longing to be pest controllers(apparently there are a lot of pests in England), then to their surprise they found they were secretly harbouring a desire to try out these insects as unusual snacks ourselves.(you've got to copy what happens on the box you know).

Will it catch on in other countries?

We don't know, anyway keep an eye open for people with a hungry looks on their faces hanging around rubbish bins, because if you can catch your own they're a lot cheaper than buying pre-packed bugs, you never know where they've been.

Good luck bug hunters and remember not all bugs are the same, they have personalities you know, so be gentle, okay?

By the way apparently the pest spray manufacturers are worried to death if this fad really takes off.

Who won the election for the Coalition, guess who? Then there was a Labor party that shot its self in the foot more than once!

The power of Television, Money, The press
The Abbott Government's win.
Brilliant minds think alike, or, fools never differ. We'll wait and see which?
Faceless man, probably!
Was it a gift, or were they just plain incompetent?

The first week of Coalition government is a bit scary.

The Coalition first week is a little frightening, they are looking at downgrading or abolishing the Australian National Preventative Health Agency, established to lead the national fight against obesity, alcohol abuse and tobacco use.
The Australian Institute of Criminology which was established by Gough Whitlam in 1973, is under review and could be merged with a major university.
The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare and the year-old National Health Performance Authority - are under review and could have their combined budgets - of around $40 million a year - slashed.
The Human Rights Commission, senior Coalition figures are keen to scrap the Commission altogether even though it would provoke a serious political brawl that Mr Abbott may not be keen to have.
The future of the national Children's Commissioner - announced in February - is also in doubt.
The Australian Institute of Criminology will be reviewed to see whether it should remain a stand-alone agency or that its operations should be taken over by a big university.
They have already taken the knife to key agencies, including the Climate Commission.

14 Sept 2013

Look back in fright!


Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd were a good team while a team, once divorced their weaknesses became evident.
Neither really connected with the people very well. Rudd became rub, with his long winded speeches.

Julia on the other hand who was feisty as Rudd's partner, then she became a controlled automaton as Prime minister when delivering oratory.

Where the feisty lady went we'll never know, her minders created a bit of a bore because everything sounded like a sermon.

The sooner politicians realize that people are crying out to see real personalities instead of manufactured ones the better.

As for the future, Labor needed a wake up call and they got one, in fact they got what they deserved.

Tony Abbott ran a tight campaign and deserved to win because Labor gave government to them on a plate.

Will they come back from defeat, yes, why, because even the Coalition needs a strong opposition to govern properly. They'll be back!

13 Sept 2013

Make my day. Sophie has made mine, thanks.

Sophie, Sophie, Sophie don't go?

Sorry, oh my god I must of had a seniors moment, did I really write that first line.

Correction, I meant to say she has really made my day.

I like many others have found her to be abrasive, rude and often out of control, thank god she's gone.

Parliament will be a better place without her, no wonder her electorate turned against her, she is too arrogant to represent them.

By, by Sophie thanks for nothing, definitely not a role model to be followed.

12 Sept 2013

Refugee journalism is alive and well! Will they tell us that refugees are real people?

REAL journalism is alive and well!

So it was easy for two guys to get aboard a smugglers refugee boat and take a trip to Australia, how come you might say, how come indeed.

If journalists can do it why in the world haven't our federal police or the Indonesian police been able to catch many smugglers in the act.

Fishing boats always smell of fish but this story highlights just how hard it isn't to catch these smugglers, if everyone was fair dink um about it and no one was pocketing money on the side.

I wonder what these journalists found out about the smugglers plans for all the old busted boats that are being taken out of dumps to sell to the Australian government.

I look forward with glee to read of their experiences dealing with the smugglers and fellow refugees.

8 Sept 2013

Australian senate voting system is broken!


This is list of the minor parties registered with electoral office, we've got to fix this system some how!

Senator Online                Australian Voice Party        Australian Fishing and Lifestyle Party

Family First                  Stable Population Party               Party for Freedom

Australia First Party             Sex Party                                WikiLeaks

Animal Justice Party       Stop CSG Party            Help End Marijuana Prohibition [HEMP] Party

Voluntary Euthanasia Party    Single Parents Party          Building Australia Party

Natural Medicine Party    Australian Independents Party      Climate Sceptics Party

Shooters and Fishers Party      One Nation               Australian Democrats (Darren Churchill)

Bullet Train for Australia Party       Bank Reform Party
Who preferences who, no one knows.


Mining tax a waste of time, think again.

The mining tax wasn't worth anything according to the Coalition

Who won the 2013 federal election?
The answer is “Tony Abbott” or “the Coalition” you’re right, but also only partially right.
For a bunch of other people are going to win as well. And a bunch of other people are going to lose.
Let’s start with the biggest winners. Mining companies.
Yes the Coalition’s long-delayed costings, released just two days before the election, show that clearly. 
The document released by the nervously sweating shadow Treasurer, Joe Hockey, says the abolition of the mining tax will cost the federal Budget $3.7 billion in foregone revenue over four years.
Yes $3.7 billion that wil not go into government coffers!
Yes, we’re talking about the mining tax which was widely criticised as a dud revenue-raiser.

Good luck Tony Abbot but take care if you want a Second term.

A surprise packet maybe?
Yes it is possible – just possible – that Abbott will surprise us.
He is the new prime minister against all odds, in part on the back of the amazingly generous paid parental leave scheme – which runs entirely contrary to his entire policy about cost over runs.
He may well embrace other surprising policy U-turns in the not to distant future..

Abbott is not a one-man show, and those standing closest to him near the levers of power are moderates – in particularly Malcolm Turnbull and Joe Hockey. They are both of course, republicans and shock horror to my delight – Christopher Pyne. Don't forget neither Turnbull nor Hockey are climate-change deniers.

I could be wrong Tony might dump these republican and climate change believers? If he does he then he is right now at the beginning of a long-haul pursuit of a rabidly right-wing agenda as long as he has the keys to The Lodge in his pocket?

Even then there is an upside.

So, if Abbott is going to be as right wing as many fear – ruthlessly ignoring climate change, slashing workers' rights, steering by the two dim stars of the British and Holy Roman empires, rather than steering uniquely by the Southern Cross in our heavens, as he should – then, inevitably, our next leader at the next election will be from the Labor party.

This would be the ultimate antidote for him if he is not kept on a tight leash!

7 Sept 2013

You can have your cake, but can you eat it Mr Abbott?

Is this a rock cake?

The Labor government made it easy for Tony Abbott. Labor's mafia mob mentality of the eternal blood feud, its failures and sheer narcissism drove voters away. On Sunday, when Labor dissolves, Abbott is anointed and the hard work begins.
He faces three serious problems of his own making. First, consider this pair of clashing commitments: he's promised to repeal the carbon tax by all means necessary, yet at the same time to deliver stable government.
The Coalition has no realistic hope of winning a majority in the Senate. 
There's a good chance he will not be able to achieve both. Because while the Coalition will win decisively in the House of Representatives, it has no realistic hope of winning a majority in the Senate. The best result Abbott can realistically hope for is that the Coalition will come close to a majority, that one or two independents will hold the balance of power, and they might negotiate on key Coalition items.

But there is an equally high chance that Labor and the Greens will retain enough Senate seats to block Abbott's agenda. For years, Abbott has said this would not stop him; he'd dissolve both Houses of Parliament and call another election within months to break the blockage. The constitution allows for such a double dissolution election so a determined government can try to get its way.

Fair enough, but how does this deliver stable government? A big confrontation in the Senate - all the howling and growling and teeth-baring and chest-beating of male baboons in a struggle for primacy - followed by another frenetic election campaign, and another election, all within the year?

Does that sound like stable government? Is that a good way to achieve the investor confidence the Coalition likes to promise?

The two are mutually exclusive. This is why, with the House result a foregone conclusion, the Senate is the really big open question in the election.

The Liberal senator for NSW and John Howard's long-time chief of staff Arthur Sinodinos put it starkly this week. Without the Senate, he said: "What's the point of winning?" That's how high the stakes are in the Senate.
Bitter sweet winners cup

Liar, liar pants on fire.

Lies or just bending the truth as politicians call it.

So, are we the people really going to elect a liar to The Lodge today? It seems we are. Every opinion poll predicts a thumping win for the Coalition. We will have a liar as our prime minister for at least the next three years.

Tony Abbott, remember, famously told the independent MP Tony Windsor in 2010 that he would do anything but sell his arse to get the job. And so he has. These are his three biggest porkies, in no particular order:
Abbott is plainly relying on short memories, and has amplified the lie. 
"This is the worst government in our history." No it's not. That title goes to the Tories, probably to the Menzies coalition of 1939-41, a minority government which collapsed - in wartime - after an orgy of internal treachery and backstabbing.

Other contenders would include John Gorton's government of 1968-71, which also tore itself to pieces, in a fight to the death between Gorton and his defence minister Malcolm Fraser. The next Liberal prime minister, Billy McMahon, was virtually laughed out of office in 1972.

Abbott is plainly relying on short memories. And he has amplified the lie by claiming that Parliament has been in chaos for the past three years of minority government.

Again not true. Yes, the Labor leadership was in turmoil but the Parliament passed a record amount of legislation under Julia Gillard, giving the nation the landmark Gonski education reforms and the national disability insurance scheme.

6 Sept 2013

Speech Freedom a little muddy and needs a wash according to Tony Abbott.

The Opposition Leader said that, if elected, he would work with his attorney-general, to require the commission to champion, instead of restrict, the right of free speech in Australia.
This would involve amending the Racial Discrimination Act, which prohibits remarks that offend others on grounds of race or ethnicity only. This was the provision used to prosecute an unnamed newspaper columnist.
Signalling his belief that the current law is untenable, Mr Abbott said: "Any suggestion you can have free speech as long as it doesn't hurt people's feelings is ridiculous.

People should be allowed to think things that are unthinkable in polite company and take their chances in open public debate.
This is certain to provoke a fire storm of opposition from the various parties given their deep attachment to cultural and institutional change through the application of anti-discrimination law.
Tony says by limiting what people can say, the purpose is to limit what people think, hence the idea of "thought crime".(sorry I don't believe this mate, you can't stop people thinking)
It's about equal concern and respect.This has invested a privileged status for those claiming to be victims. Presently a person's freedom to express an opinion will always yield to another person's right not to be offended which has lifted the bar to high.
If someone has got something they really want to say then, subject to the ordinary laws of defamation and libel, they should be able to say it, hopefully with respectfully.

I tend to agree with the above:(shock horror)
Most of the suggestions of the Coalition would remove the insidious growth of political correctness that has taken over common sense, free speech has no meaning unless you have the freedom to say what you think and in turn take what people serve up to you in return.
Race or ethnicity should be used when commenting with care and common sense, we should not need laws.
If a comment is over the top it can be defamatory or libellous and should be treated as such.
Asked about the campaign to use anti-discrimination law to limit religious freedom and the ability of religious hospitals, charities and schools to uphold their own values, Mr Abbott said: "We think religious organisations ought to be able to maintain their ethos."

I am afraid I cannot agree with this suggestion because most of the above mentioned organisations are funded or part funded by the government.

4 Sept 2013

Allow Australians to send up politicians just as other countries do. Do we live behind an iron curtain.

Independent senator Nick Xenophon is offering to help satirists who want to send up Australia's politicians.
The South Australian senator says he plans to move an amendment to the Parliamentary Proceedings Broadcasting Act 1946 to allow federal MPs to be lampooned over what they say or do in parliament.
He says programs such as The Chaser, The Project and Gruen Nation are banned from using images of parliamentary sittings for the purposes of satire or ridicule.
"They don't have anachronistic laws like this in the US, but they probably do in Kazakhstan," Senator Xenophon said in a statement on Tuesday.
"Pollies do and say stupid things all the time in parliament, me included. We shouldn't have a special legal protection from being sent up."