2 Sept 2013

Are the Coalition playing silly buggers with us?

Now you see it Now you don't.

Here’s a thought for the ALP: what if a black hole is not what the Coalition leader is hiding?
What if Abbott’s reluctance to lay out his full costings, and a year-by-year breakdown of spending and saving, is because it will show he won’t return the budget to surplus, or start to pay down debt any faster than Labor intends to, in fact it may mean debt may grow substantially.
What if it’s because the Coalition budget will fall even further into deficit in the early years before the new company tax levy and some of the already announced spending cuts start to kick in.
What if its precisely because Abbott isn’t intending big cuts to frontline services in his first three years.
It would expose the utter cynicism of the Coalition’s “budget emergency”, “we’re drowning in debt” attack of the past three years. Would it matter to them, not if they win!
Remember these people believe they are born to rule and any cuts that are to come will be could be planned for a second term which they believe is theirs for the taking and that's when we'll see the nasties.
They think Labor is gonner for a few years, so once established they can implement their real agenda which will include extreme right wing policies across the board.

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