25 Sept 2013

Australia's early days of a Coalition government are like 'Happy Days' who plays the Fonz?

Have we changed government to end up with a conservative, conservative government.
One that's going to take us back to the fifties? 

The first days actions were to sack technocrats guilty of having worked with the enemy, then to hide climate change by sacking experts to discourage all discussion of it.

Next cab off the rank is to stop allowing the public from knowing about boat arrivals.

Then announcing the building of more motorways, (while ignoring the rail option) and moving to a cut-price national broadband network.
Wow! what kind of forward thinking are they displaying, it is indeed mind blowing.

Then of course its obvious that they are taking anything science tells us as mere background noise.

Early days, yes of course but and there's more!
'If you buy now you get one free'

There's not much more, oh, by the way they're abolishing the onerous tax on our impoverished global mining companies and getting rid of red and green tape. (doing away with consultations with the public and any environmental oversight)

Of course then there's beating up the Tax Office for being too diligent in making small business pay its tax.

Guess what even Tony Abbott has already indicated that balancing the budget has been abandoned.(he's apparently not the real Fonz)

Now we know there's more to economy policy than balancing the budget and it's ensuring that we have the infrastructure, this includes our human capital to ensure our future prosperity.

Conservative governments still see education expenditure as an expense, or even as a welfare entitlement.
We await with interest this governments attitude to education.


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